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Reliable News Sources

It is important to get your news from sources that hold themselves to high journalistic standards and make an effort to be as bias-free a possible. The following links will take you to news sources that the Pew Research Center, Business Insider, and other sources have found to be both accurate and toward the center of the political spectrum. The following sources may lean slightly left or right, but the majority of their audience is from a mixed political spectrum. As always, please make an effort to note when a piece is based on a writer’s opinion and always look to confirm information you are skeptical about.

News sources that meet high standards:

More complex, analytical news sources:

More basic news sources:

Sources that lean:

Submit your Senior Baby Ad

Senior Baby Ads are due on November 18, 2016.

Every year, the Tatanka yearbook devotes a special section to “Baby Ads.” Baby Ads are an opportunity for parents to submit a baby photo and a special message of congratulations and best wishes to their graduate. Baby ads are a unique way to preserve lasting memories between you and your child and a way to make their yearbook a treasure forever. We will make every effort to return photos to you, but please do not send irreplaceable photographs. Digital photos can be emailed to

The cost of the ad is $35 and your message should be no longer than 55 words. We have kept the price the same for the last 14 years.

If you are interested in placing a Senior Baby Ad, please download and submit the form below.

Baby Ads 2016-2017

Questions? Please email them to .

Class of 2017 Senior Picture information

Senior pictures are due on Friday, October 7, 2016.

If you or your photographer wants to send in the pictures via email, please send them to If you do not get a confirmation email within one school day, please check the email address carefully and then call 763-682-8162.

Photos are accepted via email, on disc, or as photographs.

Please see the information below for more details.

Can’t find your question here? Contact Ryan McCallum at

Q. When are senior pictures due?
A. Senior pictures must be at the school by Friday, October 7, 2016.

Q. How do I get my pictures to you?
A. We prefer that you have your photographer mail us your portrait; however, you can either bring your pictures to the front office by Friday, October 7, 2016, or send it to the address below.

Tatanka Yearbook
C/o Buffalo High School
877 Bison Blvd
Buffalo MN 55313

Q. Can I email you a portrait or send it in on CD?
A. Digital portraits look great in the yearbook. Please make sure that images that are above 5 megapixel and saved at 300 dpi or higher. Images from digital SLR cameras look best. Photos may be emailed to or submitted on a disc to the address listed above.  If you do not receive a confirmation email within one school day, please call 763.682.8162 to address any issues with sending the picture.

Q. What are the specifications for senior pictures?
A. We have specific requirements for our pictures in order to maintain a consistent and quality yearbook. These specifications are in place to make sure that all seniors look good. Any picture that does not meet these requirements can be rejected by the staff. You will be contacted in this situation. Our specifications are as follows:

  • The picture should be wallet sized or larger
  • The head size should be approximately 1 and 1/4 inch from the top of the head to the chin on a wallet-sized picture.
  • All pictures will be in color. Do not send black and white, sepia, or brown town pictures.
  • No props can be used — including sports equipment, pets, cars, etc.
  • To look your very best, no hands should be obscuring your face.
  • Use a plain background — please no flags or heavy foliage. Make sure backgrounds don’t obscure faces.
  • No hats, bandanas, etc.

Q. Where would you recommend students go for their pictures?
A. Check out our list of recommended photographers. These places have a history of taking good-looking pictures that meet our standards and are delivered on time.

Q. Can I use a “Lifetouch” photo (regular school photo taken on picture day)?
A. YES! Lifetouch photos have been used with great results in the past. However, student must sign a sheet consenting to its use before we include it in the yearbook. A yearbook representative will be in contact with you or your child about this. We do not automatically receive or print Lifetouch prints for seniors who do not submit senior photos. Be sure to order at least one picture if you wish to submit one.

Q. Can I (or a friend) take a photo for someone else using my own equipment?
A. Yes. As long as the photo meets the above requirements, we will run it. Be sure to email these photos instead of printing them on home printers. We’ve had pictures taken with regular 35mm cameras and digital SLRs that look great… even next to professional portraits. However, please be advised that pictures taken this way are often rejected for not meeting the quality standards above. Professional portraits usually meet our standards. It’s best to take several different shots and submit multiple pictures in order to have your photo accepted.

Q. What are some low-cost or quick options for portraits?
A. Portrait studios such as Sears and Wal-Mart, while they may not offer the variety of poses or personalization of professional portrait studios, can take low-cost pictures that have a quick turnaround if you are still waiting for your photos, planning on taking portraits at the end of the year, or are not planning on getting a package from a local professional photographer. Yearbook photographers can do limited portrait sessions with students. Email for more information about this option.

Q. Why do you have so many standards?
A. The Tatanka has high standards for senior pictures for multiple reasons. The first reason is that we want you to look good. Over the past few years, we’ve seen and worked with thousands of senior portraits, and we know what works and what doesn’t once your pictures are cropped and placed in the book next to other pictures. Other yearbooks with loose standards often end up embarrassing students by allowing certain photos to run. The second reason is that the Tatanka is a nationally-recognized standard of excellence in yearbooks, and we want to keep it that way by printing a beautiful senior section with portraits that look good. These standards are made with your benefit in mind. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

Q. When will we be getting Baby Ad information?
A. FULL COLOR Baby ads can be purchased for $35 and will be due on Friday, November 13, 2015. Information about Baby Ads will be sent to you on the Senior Picture deadline day. Check here later for more information.

Senior pictures are due Friday, October 7, 2016

Senior Photo Specifications for the 205 Yearbook

• All photos must be in full color – No black and white.
• Head and shoulder shots only – no hands showing on face. If hands are showing on your face, you picture may be rejected. This is to prevent you from looking awkward in a row of photographs.
• Plain background – a dark background is preferred.
• No props! – No pictures with sports accessories, cars, pets, or any other props will be accepted; this includes background “shades”, foliage, sparkles, etc.
• Head size – 1 ¼ inch (on a wallet-size picture) from top of the head to the bottom of the chin.
• No Hats, bandanas, etc – Male or female
• Digital photos – You are very welcome to submit a digital photograph on a CD or via email. Please email photos to If you email a photo, include your phone number in the email and expect a confirmation phone call or a reply to your email within 48 hours of emailing the photograph. CDs can be sent to the address below or dropped off at the front office.
Send Pictures to:

Tatanka Yearbook
C/O Buffalo High School
877 Bison Blvd
Buffalo MN 55313

or email digital photos to

J2 – 50 minute Design Challenge

Over the course of 50 minutes, create a layout that contains the following 8 elements. The layout can be on any topic of your choice and you can use any photos you want. While the headline and subheading should be actual words, the body copy can captions can just be placeholder text.

You can start with a default document (select file -> new -> document, and then just say “ok” to the defaults, or you could download an official Hoofprint Single Page template or Double Page template, or make a custom sized document.

Your layout should include:

  1. Follows a column structure and has a clear alignment (Layout -> Margins and columns)
  2. Establishes dominance and/or has an element of clear contrast.
  3. Includes a headline (actual text)
  4. Includes a subheadline (actual text)
  5. Has a placeholder text story or body copy that is between 250-450 words in length.
  6. Has three photos of varying dimensions (sizes and shapes) with captions (short text boxes next to the photos).
  7. Makes use of at least one colored rule line, box, or other page element (negative space, pathfinder, increase separation, eyedropper tool).
  8. At least one effect (right click -> effects), corner option (object -> corner option) or text wrap (Ctrl+Alt W) added to a picture, rule line, box, copy block.

After the 50 minutes are up, please do the following:

  1. Exported as a .jpg and added to this Google Docs folder.

To export, go to File -> Export. Select a jpeg as the file type and select “Maximum” for the size and 96 as the resolution.

J2 – Learn How to format photos for

Step One:

Log in to and go to Add New Post.

Step 2:

Follow this link and download the bball.JPG file to your computer.

Step 3:

Open the photo with PhotoShop.

Step 4:

Listen to Jon.

Video tutorial to follow.


Photo Size:

Image Size to Upload: 850px wide by 450px tall (that’s 11.806 in by 6.25 in at 72 px/in) PLEASE MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE THE px IN THE IMAGE SIZE or your computer will crash!

This is the size that is displayed on the story page, along with featured stories on the homepage. WordPress will automatically shrink the homepage image for regular stories.

2015 Tatanka – Fourth Deadline Story Preferences

January 5 and 6

Thank you for being awesome while I’m gone.

Here’s the big project I’d like you to work on over the next two days.

Here’s a blank yearbook spread to work with. Make sure you save it all the time to your G drive.

Your assignment is to create an original yearbook spread that is based on your first or second deadline assignment. For example, if you were working on the Fall Play spread second deadline, then you can choose to make a new and original fall play spread.

You should not make your spread look like it belongs in this year’s yearbook. You can create your own look and feel for your spread, including fonts, colors, folio, and other things.

Make sure your spread follows the rules of basic design first. Use column structure and eye lines. One of the most important things you can do is to make sure each photo has a caption next to it (not on top of it). Once you know it’s a solid spread, then you can swap out photos and creating modules or secondary coverage packages.

A great spread will:

  • Tell a story about people through photos, captions, and body copy.
  • Have a clear column structure with alignment.
  • Establish dominance with a photo of photo package.
  • Use consistent internal margins.
  • Have a complete caption for every photo.
  • Have include at least 14 people on the spread in photos and direct quotations.
  • Take risks and try new things.

Look online for resources or take a look through other yearbooks and magazines for new and unique ideas.

This assignment is graded.

You will be exporting and sharing these on Wednesday at the end of class.

Feel free to email or text McCallum with questions.

Good luck!

TATANKA 2015 – Third Deadline Assignment Preferences

Please sign up for your top four choices for third deadline.

If this form doesn’t show up, log in to Google Docs and refresh this page.

Please Read

Hey, friends.

Please go here to read one sample ethnography tonight.

See if you can incorporate some of what you are reading into your own writing. Pay special attention to descriptive writing and details that are included.