PW: Day 12

At the start of class, we took the Yearbook Terms Quiz.

After that, you took notes on reporting and interviewing.

Then, we went over expectations for interviewing and observations.

Before we got to our homework, we took one short look at advertising and updated the deadlines.

Next, we started going through the introduction of Focus on Reporting.

We then got into groups to work on a project illustrating concepts from Focus on Reporting.

PW: Day 8

We finished learning yearbook terminology today. We’ll have a fantastic quiz on it on Monday of this next. Use the resources below to help you study. Please be cautious about printing the notes. They’re a bunch of pages and many of the terms you’ll already know.

Yearbook Terminology PowerPoint – 18.2 MB

Yearbook Terminology PDF – Ready to be studied and saved – Don’t print it. It’s 103 pages! – 10.2 MB

Yearbook Terminology Web format

Use this Yearbook Terminology Notesheet for taking notes. It will help you study for the quiz.

Next, we did another team building activity involving communication and using senses other than vision to understand your environment.

PW: Day 7

Willliam, our friendly neighborhood business editor, started the hour by teaching us about how to be successful in advertisement sales. By next Friday, you’ll need to have contacted all 8 of your businesses.

Next, we  watched a portion of Clear Vision, a DVD featuring National Geographic Photographer Dewitt Jones talking about what it means to be creative. You shared your thoughts on the video after it was over.

After that, we began Yearbook Terminology. If you missed the start of instruction, please review the terms in one of the three possible ways.

Yearbook Terminology PowerPoint – 18.2 MB

Yearbook Terminology PDF – Ready to be studied and saved – Don’t print it. It’s 103 pages! – 10.2 MB

Yearbook Terminology Web format

Use this Yearbook Terminology Notesheet for taking notes. It will help you study for the quiz.

PW – Day 6

We spent the day working on and performing excellent skits. That demonstrated the functions of the yearbook.

Also, if you want to remember the six functions of a yearbook, go here.

PW: Day 5

Happy Monday!

At the start of the block, you added your six businesses to this spreadsheet. Your assignment for tonight is to sign up to be personally responsible for contacting eight businesses on the list. You can always contact more if you’d like to. It would be greatly appreciated.

You must make at least an initial contact with each of your eight businesses by one week from today – next Monday.

Please make sure you know what your Google Docs username and password are before you leave class today. You’ll be using them frequently throughout the class. Try logging in before you go.

In this class, Mondays are mostly reserved for planning, connecting with each of your editors and thinking through each of the stories you’ll be writing during the year. Today, to get you started thinking about planning with Vision, we’ll look for inspiration outside. Starting next week, we’ll be finding our inspiration from each other and ourselves.

Tomorrow, we’ll dive into yearbook terminology as a group and you’ll really get going on your story assignments.

J2 – Day 5

Today, you were introduced to the concept of grading your own blogs. Give it a try here.


Hey everyone! Be sure to check out, because you have the distinct pleasure of having two posts due this week. This won’t happen often, but it’s happening this week. Your Reading Log is due Friday and your actual Blog post is due on Sunday.


Monday’s group published today, so we learned how to do the process from start to finish. Pay attention, okay?

Next, we looked at a story from the StarTribune’s website called 13 Seconds In August. We discussed it as an example of Truth in Reporting.

Don’t forget that you have a new blog due on Friday.

PW: Day 4


At the start of class, you finished your yearbook cover assignment. When you got done, you presented them to the class. Everyone presented. You explained what your cover represented and how it showed your theme.

After that, we learned how to use Google Docs.

Day 4

Thus ends the first week of J2!

Don’t forget about your blog post that’s due on Sunday.

Here’s the link to the story we looked at today.

We began the hour by finishing your assignment that was started in class yesterday.

…look at last year’s student blogs for an example of great blogging. In one of your own blogs, post a link to the post you chose and tell why you think it’s a great example of what a blog post should be. As you move forward, try to keep these examples and thoughts in mind as you write in your own blogs.

You had until Lunch to work on that.

After lunch, we looked at 13 Seconds in August – a special report put together by writers, photographers, and other staff at The StarTribune. It’s possibly the most accessable in-depth look at the 35W bridge collapse in August of 2007. You looked at it in small groups and we discussed it as a class.

After that, you had time to pick a story for and think of an idea for how you’ll capture the Truth with your first story for the class.

Day 4

We began the day by making a GIANT list of potential story assignments on the whiteboard. We came up with over 100 potential ideas.

This weekend, you need to sign up for the four stories you’d like to write about the most. You must sign up for your four choices by Saturday night at Midnight. I’ll assign stories by the end of the day on Sunday.

Sign up here.

Please follow the instructions in the sign up topic carefully.

Make sure you’re signed in and click “Reply.” Leave a post with:

  1. Your first name an last initial.
  2. The three or four stories you want to write about the most.
  3. Why you’d be great at writing about your story.
  4. If you want to work as a team with another students and who that student would be.

Next, we read the introduction Focus on Reporting as a whole class. If you missed today, you need to read the entire chapter, because we’ll be taking a short quiz on Monday at the start of class.

After we read the introduction, we divided in 12 groups. Each group was assigned a concept from the chapter to read, study, summarize, and illustrate. After that, each group presented their summary and illustration to the class.

The concepts you need to understand for Monday are:

  1. Theme
  2. Research
  3. Angle
  4. Focus
  5. Order
  6. Transition
  7. Clarity
  8. Accuracy
  9. Word Choice
  10. Description
  11. Interpretation
  12. Unity

Come back for examples from this year’s class.

Examples from last year’s Block 2 class.

PW: Day 3

You got your assignments for the whole year at the start of the block. Make sure they’re in your notebook and you remember exactly what you’re doing each deadline and who you’re working with.

Next, we went outside for an impressively done community building activity. I’m still kind of shocked you guys untied the knot. Nice work. It was the largest group I’ve ever seen successfully untie it.

After that, we did the senior class photo set up. It was fun for me to be on the roof and boss you guys around for a while. The 10 looked perfect.

You’ll finish your covers tomorrrow.