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Day 8

Due tomorrow: Your second blog post.

This totally doesn’t relate to class, but check this out if you’re up for some discussion.

After our opening discussion based on this video, you learned which J1 writer you’ve been paired up with for peer coaching. If you forget who your partner is, check out this list.

Today, your interaction with that writer will be quite easy. You just need to log in to your google docs page and take a look at their first try at writing interview questions. Give them a few words of guidance or advice. The benefit they’ll get is unmeasurable. Imagine how cool it would have been to have this opportunity as a writer in J1. Be a good mentor.

A few of you are late on your first reading logs. Please get those done right away. I’ve already entered them in the gradebook. Remember that you have two posts due each week at minimum. Please stay up to date on those.

Here’s a big reason why we’re doing blogs, and a major reason why they may be difficult at first.


Stick with it. The benefits can be great.

After we gave advice to J1 writers and updated blogs, you had time to meet with your publishing groups, update the web site or choose beats.

Term 3 – Day 8

Do all you can to finish your yearbook layout done.

When you’re done, you need to export your spread as a .jpeg and as a pdf.

When you’re done, upload your jpeg file to the message board Gallery and go to the Publications Writing board to create a new topic. Post the picture of your layout in that new topic.

Day 8

Due today at the start of the block: Background Interview

Due tomorrow: A printed and digital copy of the final draft of your partner story.

You turned in your background interview and got feedback on those immediately. You used that feedback to start writing at least ten open-ended interview questions. You can write more questions if you choose, just make sure that at least 10 of them are open-ended. You should have your ten questions done by the end of the hour. Review them with a partner.

After that, we discussed the Find an Angle chapter that you read for today. If the discussion went well, there won’t be a quiz on the reading.

After you got your background interviews back, you had time to write 10 interview questions.

Before you leave today, you MUST share your interview questions with your J2 Peer Coach on Google Docs.

You got the name and username of your J2 Peer Coach today. I can’t post these online, so if you didn’t get yours, send me a message, or check your Google Docs for the spreadsheet.

Day 7

Blog Update:

  1. Head on over to to see some incredible examples of your work from the last couple of days.
  2. Your first Reading Log is due today by midnight.

Today, you posed your official topic for your first big story on your blogs if you haven’t done so already.

When that’s completed, you had the whole hour to complete your layout projects we started on Friday.

Day 7

Due Tomorrow: Your background interview. Have it ready at the start of the block. It’s worth 25 points.

Due Friday: A final copy of your partner story. Bring one printed copy and one digital copy (saved somewhere where you can access it.)

Today we began the hour with some time for you to work on either setting up or completing background research.

After that, you had a few minutes to work on your partner story final draft.

Term 3 – Day 7

Once again, you had the class period to work on your spreads. It’s a 2-hour late start today, so we didn’t have much time.

At some point today, get a classmate to look at and comment on your layout. Perhaps an editor could look at it, too.

Use their comments to help you make a more polished final draft of your layout.

I’d like everyone to export their layouts as both pdf and jpeg files tomorrow so we can share them on the message board and turn them in digitally.

Day 6

Today didn’t go as I planned, but it still went very well.

You had the majority of the hour to work on your blogs, read each others’ work, and either update or work on your beat stories.

At the end of the hour, most of you declared what you wanted t0 do for your first major story. By the start of class tomorrow, you need to know for sure what you want to do for your first story of the quarter.

Term 3 – Day 6

Today you had the entire block to continue working on your layout project.

As I said in class, I’m really impressed by the clarity, focus, and readability I’m seeing in your work this time around.

Keep up the fantastic work.

Day 6

At the beginning of class today, we looked at the feedback you received over the weekend. We looked at really outstanding examples of feedback along with examples that weren’t so hot.

You’ll be using that feedback tonight as you make your story final.

After you got going on that, you got your very first STORY ASSIGNMENT! I tried my best to get you all your top choice for your stories, and I was successful most of the time. If you didn’t get one of your top three choices, you’ll more than likely get your first choice next time. If you got assigned a story by me, there’s a greater chance it will get published.

Your first step in the reporting process, your Background Interview is due on Thursday.

Lastly, we read the Find an Angle chapter. It will be of great help as you think about how to make your story unique and worth-reading.

If you finished reading early, you had time to make your first story (about your partner) final or begin setting up interviews and research for your first deadline story.

Day 5

At the beginning of the class, we looked at some great examples of stories on Use these to guide the creation of your stories for this quarter.

The first thing we learned today was how to put your updates on

Follow this tutorial to help you.

We went to the computer lab after this so we could all be on computers.

In the lab, you took a brief tour of Google Apps on If you missed today, please attend AAA on Wednesday to help clarify what you missed.

We also took a look at, a site devoted to the blogging process. It should make everything clear and centralized. We looked over everything on the site and figured out how you can use it best. We also had time to set up blogs and personalize them.

Finally, we took a look at what Blogging is and what it isn’t.

Check for your assignments for Wednesday and Friday.