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Term 4 – Day 1

It’s time to get back into the practice of blogging. I started the term off with a challenging prompt that ties this quarter in with last quarter. I hope you put some real thought into this one, because you always produce such outstanding work when you set your mind to it.

Because it’s a challenging one, I put it as a combination Blog/Reading log. It’s the only blog post you have to make this week.

One of the most mentioned items for things you want to do this quarter is to get more advanced  with InDesign so you can feel more confident about your layout skills.

Today, you’ll get a chance to do some more with the program. We’ll take you through some tutorials on creating text.

If you own headphones or earbuds, I’d recommend bringint them to class for the next few days at least, because you’ll have the benefit of listening to some online video tutorials that walk you through the process of using some of the InDesign tools you’ve been asking about.

Term 4 – Day 1

Welcome to a brand new quarter of Journalism!


Due Thursday: Your five interviews and any other research you’re doing for your story.

Due Friday by the end of AAA: Your story turned in on Google Docs and posted as a new topic on Journalism Discussion.

Don’t forget about the class calendar.

If you are new to this class from Mrs. Barrick’s class, you need to create an account on the message board by tonight so you can participate in the message board discussion. Hopefully, you’ll have your account created by the end of the class.

We spent the day debating some issues in High School Journalism.

The cases we debated are here or download as a pdf, if the link is broken.

If you were gone today, download the cases and write what you would do in response to three of the six cases presented. In your responses, pretend that you are the editor of a high school paper and the sole decision-maker for the staff.

Your homework for tomorrow is to reply to this topic on the message board. You can look at last semester’s discussion to help you post if you’re one of the first people to post.

Day 42

Today was yours.

You’ve done so much and worked so hard this quarter.

Thank you.

Term 3 – Day 42

The End.

Yearbook is not really over, thankfully. We’ve still got some big days coming up with the banquet, sorting yearbooks, and distribution.

However, today marks the end of a wonderful experience for me. Working with you guys has been an incredible and humbling honor.

I’m happy to know that the 2009 Editors and I have only scratched the surface of our total experience together, but I’m going to miss all the seniors terribly.

Enjoy your reward day today. You earned it, if not through winning the food drive, it’s through your outstanding work and effort every day.

Thank you.

Day 41

I was incredibly impressed with the work you did while I was gone yesterday. The spreadsheet you put together as a class is outstanding. It’s detailed, specific, helpful, and extremely reflective. It’s going to make for great discussion today.

The following people didn’t update the spreadsheet:

  • Alyssa
  • Ben
  • Jack
  • Katherine
  • Grace

The rest of you did amazing work, and I’m very grateful for what you accomplished without me yesterday.

I’ve emailed everyone who has submitted a final project proposal to me. Let me know if you have any further questions or concerns about your project or my response. PLEASE check your email to see what I’ve responded with. All of you were asked further questions.

We started today by looking over our spreadsheet from yesterday and continuing to discuss The Crossing as a class.

After the discussion, we read another story suggested by your classmates.


Term 3 – Day 41

The last step of the Theme Project process is to fill out your self-evaluation. It’s a Word document.

Fill it out, save it, and email it to as an attachment. It looks like crap on Google Docs. Sorry about that.

Theme Project Self-Evaluation (Word Document)

I’ll fill out your evaluation digitally and email it to every group member as soon as it’s done. I’ll also create packages of the projects and put them online for everyone to see.

All projects must be completely in the 2008 Theme Projects folder and ready to present by 8:00.

Good luck!

Day 40

Today we’re going to start reading the second story that was suggested for the class. We’re going to look at The Crossing – a multi-media story suggested by Emily A.

You’ll probably have to share computers for this, so pick a nice partner. Everyone will watch the intro and read Chapter 1, Chapter 33 and the Epilogue. Read Chapter 33 and the Epilogue after you read your assigned chapter.

Each of you have been assigned a chapter from the story. Click on your name to read your assigned chapter. Please note that there are video, audio, and “Reporter’s Documents” that go with each chapter. They should be on the right side of each page.

Feel free to read more than just your chapter if you wish. When you get done reading post a summary of your chapter and your thoughts on what you’ve read in this document. Use the row number that corresponds with your chapter. This will help us sumarize a really huge project in one place and it will be the basis for our discussion tomorrow.

We’ll discuss this story and read another one tomorrow.

When you finish, make sure your final project proposal is done and emailed to

Term 3 – Day 40

Today is the last day you have to work on your theme projects. You will only have enough time tomorrow to export your spreads and get your presentation ready. There will not be any after school time to work unless I can convince a very generous teacher to lock up for me at 3:00 or later today.

If you finish a spread today, export it as a jpeg and save it in the 2008 Theme Project folder in the Tatanka drive.


Remember, 2009 Editors, we will meet tomorrow at 7:07 a.m. If it’s snowy and crappy like it was this morning, I’ll cancel it. Check the 2009 board for an update.

Term 3 – Day 39

Your theme projects are due on Wednesday at 8:00. Today and tomorrow are the last full days you’ll have to work on these projects. Please use your time wisely, because you will NOT have any after school time to work tomorrow.

Day 39

Final Project Deadlines:

Final: May 21

Rough: May 14

Research conferences: May 5-7

During class today, you had time to work on your proposals for the final project for this class.  You should have it ready for tomorrow.

After that we worked on one last effort for your blogs this quarter. Look at for a summary of what you should do by Thursday.