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Term 4 – Day 23

We took the Communication Law test today.

Before you started the test, you turned in interviews and your Interview Self Evaluation forms. The interviews were in the gradebook by the time you were done with the test.

After the test, you had time to work on your stories. They’re due Friday at the end of the hour.

Term 4 – Day 22

Wow. 22 days into fourth quarter already?

First block: You earned 14 minutes on the review game.

Third block: You dominated, earning 44 minutes and setting a new record for the review game. Incredible work.

Here are all the questions and answers from today’s game.

Reviewing for the Review for the Communication Law Test

Here are some helpful links that can totally help you.

  1. Here are all the presentations about the Supreme Court cases.
  2. Here is pretty much all the questions from tomorrow’ review.
  3. Here are your movie posters.
  4. Here are the summaries of the Supreme Court Cases:
    1. supremecourtreview_1.jpeg
    2. supremecourtreview_2.jpeg

Term 4 – Day 21

Today is yours. There are a TON of things due this week, you have today to either review Communication Law or to work on your research for your story. You will not have time to work tomorrow or on Wednesday. On Thursday and Friday, you’ll have time to work on writing your story.

Due Wednesday: All research (100 pts)
Due Friday: Rough Drafts (100 points)
Due Monday: Feedback (50 points)

If you are going on the band trip, you need to come back Tuesday with a rough draft written. If you want feedback, you need to turn your draft in before you leave.

Communication Law review: Tomorrow.
Communication Law test: Wednesday

Term 4 – Day 20

Happy Senior Appreciation Day!

Term 4 – Day 19

Today, we finished the Communication Law packet at the start of the block.

You read the sections about the Free Press/Fair Trial Dilemma and Shield Laws and answered the following six questions:

  1. What is the Free Press/Fair Trial Dilemma?
  2. What two amendments are conflicting with the Free Press/Fair Trial Dilemma?
  3. What can judges do to resolve the Free Press/Fair Trial dilemma?
  4. What is a shield law?
  5. Why do some journalists want shield laws?
  6. How can a shield law harm the profession?

Once you have those questions answered, you’re done with Communication Law for the day. Turn in your answers before you leave today.

Term 4 – Day 18

Due today: Background Research

At the start of the block, you answered the following questions about your background research:

  1. What have you done so far?
  2. What do you have left to do?
  3. What have you learned from your research to this point?

Attach any research that you’ve done. You need to have evidence of the research to get credit for completing it.

I will look through your research, give you comments, and get the research back to you before the hour is over today.

After you’ve turned in your research and your summary, you have time to work on making and distributing surveys, setting up interviews, and doing other research for your story.

Term 4 – Day 17

Today, we went over the Communication Law packet sections about Privacy, the way the media can avoid privacy, and the ways that you can either protect yourself from a Privacy Lawsuit or win a suit if you’re sued.

Here are some questions you should know the answers to for the test.

  1. What is “Privacy”?
  2. What is  a Private Place?
  3. What are the four ways the media can invade a person’s privacy?
    1. Intrusion
    2. Falsity
    3. Publishing Private Facts
    4. Misappropriation
  4. How can you defend yourself from a privacy lawsuit?

Your posters

Here are your posters from Friday (click on the thumbnails for larger images):












Term 4 – Day 16


We began today by making sure that everyone had their paragraphs posted on the message board.

After that, we broke down the 8th deadline min-deadlines. Here they are:

  • Issue 8 Stories assigned: Friday, April 18

  • Background Research (50 points): Wednesday, April 23

  • Interviews Due (100 points): Wednesday, April 30

  • Rough Drafts (50 points for being on time, 50 points for the draft): Friday, May 2

  • Final Drafts (100 points): Friday, May 9

Finally, you had time to begin the research for your story. We’ll continue Communication Law tomorrow.