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Term 2 – Day 20

1. Complete the first part of your Interview Evaluation.

2. Complete your Photo Orders, get them to photographers, and then get your opportunities on the Calendar.

  • People who didn’t do photo orders:

3. Export, Upload, and Post your coverage assignments to this topic. You can find instructions on doing any of these steps here.

4. We’ll go through and present coverage assignments tomorrow.

  • Rachael, Ali, Jake L, Joel, Hunter, Leah, Tom, Filup, Nikki, Monica

Term 2 – Day 19

We finished last deadline up completely, had time to interview, finished the Coverage Assignment, and had time to work.

Interviews are due tomorrow.

Term 2 – 18

If you were gone today, download Ethics Discussion, Day 2 and take a stand on this situation. Please explain your position as thoroughly as possible and respond to the discussion points in the presentation.

Discussion in class was heated and good.

Term 2 – Day 18

You had today to work on your stuff. We were missing about half the class at a guest speaker for Anatomy.

Term 2 – Day 18

Happy Monday! Welcome to Ethics.

Please turn back in your Chapter 9 reading packets so I can save them for next semester.

Don’t worry about being Packetless. We’ll be getting more packets soon.

Also, you’ll be getting your graded tests back tomorrow.

Hoofprint Deadlines: Final Project

1. Final Deadline: Friday, January 9

2. Rough Draft Deadline: Friday, January 2 (During Break)

3. Interviews and Observations Due: Friday, December 19

4. Time to work on stories: Monday and Tuesday, Dec 22-Dec 23

We began our Ethics unit with a group discussion about the meaning of Ethics and then by debating a real life ethical situation.

The discussion and situation are both in the following link. If you were gone today, answer the opening questions on the second slide, get the definition of Ethics in your notebook, and then decide what you would do in the Ethical Situation and explain why.

Here’s the link to today’s stuff: Ethics – Day 1

Once we got through that, you got one more reminder to sign up for a story and then had time to work if you’ve already signed up.

Term 2 – Day 17


Happy Monday!

Here’s a list of fast-approaching aproaching yearbook deadlines:

– Three interviews are due this Thursday (12/11).

– Photo orders will be completed on Thursday (12/11).

– Six interviews and two observations are due next Wednesday (12/17).

– Your rough draft is due next Friday (12/19).

– Your final draft is due by the end of Winter Break.

– Worknight is on 1/7, the Wednesday right after break).

–To pass the deadline, all must be compete by 9:00 pm.

Today, you had time to get started on next deadline and work on Indexing your spread from last deadline. By the end of the block, everything should be indexed.

Term 2 – Day 16

We began the day by proofreading and correcting all 9 baby ad spreads as a large group. After two sets of eyes have viewed the pages and made corrections, you learned how to ship the sperads. All nine have to be shipped by the end of the block.

Next, you voted in the photography contest.

After that the photographers spoke to you as a group about the process for requesting and taking photos for next deadline.


3 interviews are due on Wednesday of next week and six interviews and 2 observations are due the Wedesday after that. The deadline is VERY quick because of break. Check the calendar to see when everything is due.

Term 2 – Day 17

Today was the Communication Law test.

Good luck.

I’ll try to have them in the gradebook by Monday.

In the meantime, check your grade on Infinite Campus by using your school login and password to make sure everything is accurate before conferences.

Term 2 – Day 16

Bruce is here today to check our progress and hopefully give us the approval to ship out.

If you had any loose ends after worknight, you’ve got to get them tied up by 9:05 a.m. We’re hoping to ship out tomorrow.

Term 2 – Day 16

We had a BIG review today.

Here are the questions and answerers from today’s game!

The test is tomorrow.