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Day 24

Due to an unfortunate data loss over the weekend, you lost the feedback that I left for your opinion columns and the opportunity to sign up for stories.

We’ll try to make up both of those things today.

First of all, you’ll meet in partner groups or just brainstorm by yourself and put together a proposal for your story and a backup plan. It must be really good, and it’s got to be done today.

While you’re doing that, I’ll meet with you individually about your opinion column drafts. I’ll conference with you about your feedback and hopefully we’ll have something to go on by the end of the block.

When you’re not working on conferencing or your proposal, you should be typing your opinion column onto Google Docs and getting ready to make it final.

Day 24

1. Decide in your groups what you’re doing for and make that post on the Message Board today.

2. Write your reflection for Friday’s 30-minute Layout Challenge.

3. There’s a new Blog entry today. It’s due Friday, and you’re expected to post links.

4. We’re going to talk possibilities for final Projects!

Day 23


Click the image for a larger image of today's events.

After we did the previous things, we brainstormed ideas for the next issue of The Hoofprint.

This weekend, while you’re reading drafts, you also need to sign up for your next assignment in this topic on Homework Help. Please read the rules carefully.

Day 23

Click this for a bigger image.

Click this for a bigger image.

Get your blank page here.

If you were gone today or if you need a refresher, refer to the Tips page. Also, if you were gone today, come in during AAA to do this assignment. It’s important that you complete all design challenges. We’ll be showcasing these on Monday.

With the 30 minutes that you aren’t on a computer or doing the design challenge, prepare for your next story on

Day 20

Journalism 2 Today!

1. You have a new blog entry related to the project you’re completing today. It’s due Tomorrow and involves multiple steps.

2. Before lunch, finish your PowerPoint presentation that goes with your project and put it on Google Docs. Share it with your group members and McCallum so you can present.

3. Export your spreads as jpegs. Make sure your group members all get copies and that you send them to McCallum as well.

4. Be ready to present your Project. In the mean time, try your hand at embedding your presentation and uploading your layouts to your blog.

5. In partners, take a look at your J1 writers’ final drafts. Pick one you like best and that would be the easiest to design for. You can guess what you’ll be doing next.

Day 16

Today, you had time to work on publishing on After that, you had time to work on your Newspaper of the Future assignment. It’s due on Friday.

Day 16

Today, basically, you all had time to finalize your rough drafts.

Day 15

First of all, if you didn’t share your drafts currectly on Google Docs, you aren’t going to have feedback on your rough draft.

Here’s today’s plan:

  1. Gather the feedback you received from your J2 coach, McCallum, the editors, and your classmates. If you did everything correctly on Friday, you’ll have a ton of feedback. If you didn’t, you won’t have so much.
  2. Write down the things you see that make sense. What did you do well and what do you need to improve on?
  3. Create an Action Plan that lists, specifically, what you need to do before your draft is final on Friday.
  4. After you’ve typed up your Action Plan, get started on doing it. Your final draft is due on Friday.

Day 15

We began the block by getting a quick update on some status items:

  1. Blogs and stories from last week are in the gradebook.
  2. Some of you haven’t left feedback to your J1 writer yet. Do that today if you haven’t. They’re expecting it.
  3. There’s a new blog prompt for the week at

After that, we read, as a class, How to Save Your Newspaper from this week’s Time magazine. The main questoins we discussed were:

  1. What content is worth paying for? What content would you pay for?
  2. How should people pay for online news?
  3. Will people pay?
  4. Any other points of discussion you wanted to bring up.

After that, you had 20 minutes in your Newspaper group to decide how you’re goingto plan this next project. It will be due Friday.

Finally, you had time to work on missing work or publishing to