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Term 4 – Day 2

Today we finished the discussion we started yesterday about the ethical issues and we finished or final two appointments.

We also watched a video that featured a story from a former newspaper editor-in-chief dealing with a surprisingly tragic ethical situation.

After that, you had about 15 minutes to work on the story you’ve chosen and to get a head start on your research.

Term 4 – Day 2

I’m really not feeling well today, but I’m hanging on through the day. Here’s the basic agenda:

  1. Begin reading the blog links and starting composing your blog. Save drafts as you go.
  2. Work on your next stories. Claim a story and start brainstorming at the very least.
  3. Finish any leftover writing from last term. Grades are due by 4:00 today.
  4. Finish the layout challenge and be ready to update and reflect tomorrow.

Term 4 – Day 1

Welcome to a brand new quarter of Journalism!


Due Wednesday: Your background research for your new story.

Don’t forget about the class calendar.

If you are new to this class from Ms. Thorson’s or Ms. Tierney’s class, you need to create an account on the message board by tonight so you can participate in the message board discussion. Hopefully, you’ll have your account created by the end of the class.

We spent the day discussing some issues in High School Journalism in both small and large groups.

You began by filling out your Appointment Clock to decide partners for the small group discussions.
If you were absent today, you need to answer the questions we discussed in writing.

12:00 Appointment: What is the purpose of journalism?

3:00 Appointment: Take a look at the first amendment. Why do you think the right to a free press is included alongside our most basic freedoms?

6:00 Appointment: What kind of power does the press have?

9:00 Appointment: What limits (if any) do you think should be placed on those powers?

We ended the day with some large group discussion about some situations specific to the high school press.

The cases we debated are here or download as a pdf, if the link is broken.

If you were gone today, download the cases and write what you would do in response to three of the six cases presented. In your responses, pretend that you are the editor of a high school paper and the sole decision-maker for the staff.

Your homework for tomorrow is to reply to this topic on the message board. You can look at last semester’s discussion to help you post if you’re one of the first people to post.

It’s really important that everybody contribute to this topic.

Term 4 – Day 1

Welcome back from break. I thought a ton about the class over break and I hopefully have come up with ways to make this experience even more enjoyable.

We opened the class up with a memory game and a talk about blogging that focued on my work blogging over break and this YouTube video.

First of all, you’ll be grading your own blogs using this rubric: J2 Blog Grading Rubric. The front side is a description of blogs that meet each of the criteria you’ll be scoring yourself on. The back side is your grade sheet. Hopefully, this rubrice enables you to take even more control of your blogs and the topics you write about. When you finish a blog, grade it and put it in the bin at the front of the class. For reference, you also received the J2 Blogs FAQs.

Just a reminder, you have one blog due this week.

The second change/simplification involves and this document. This quarter, you only need to update five times (once every other week). All you need to do to claim a topic is to write it on the Google Doc. Once you’ve written the story, you should post the link in that document. This is an easy way to check your own progress toward completing all assignments and an easy way for me to understand when you’ve completed an update.

Next, we discussed the Final Project for the quarter. I will be providing a default final project option that involves creaeting two pages for The Hoofprint – one in the first month of the class and a second in the second half. However, I will also allow you to propose your own idea for a final project. That proposal is due Friday.

Finally, you had a chance to check your grade and find out what you’re missing. Grades are due Tomorrow, so please let me know if something doesn’t seem right.

30 Minute Design Challenge #2. "Oh, man…" Edition.


Monday, March 9

Read your feedback on the message board and from Google Docs. If you shared your draft correctly, you’ll have a bunch. After you’ve read and considered it, please write up the following plan:

1. What did you learn from your feedback that you did especially well.

2. What did you learn from your feedback that you need to improve upon.

3. What will you do each day this week to improve your story.