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Term 4 – Day 17

Communications Law Review – Answers

Term 4 – Day 16

We began the day with a Bite-Sized Reading Activity (The Net and The News – Bite-Sized Reading).

The activity involved the chapter The Net and The News from Fighting for Air by Eric Klinenberg. If you were gone, please read through page 181 and fill out the Bite Sized Reading main idea box.

After that, you had time to work.

  • Get your blog grade in. I’ll update the gradebook tonight.
  • Yellow group is publishing this week.
    • Blue group; please get your story linked on the Google Doc spreadsheet.
  • The first project is due on Wednesday at the end of the block.

Term 4 – Day 16

We started the day by finishing the Communication Law Packet. We reviewed the Free Press/Fair Trial Dilemma, what has been done to address the issue, Shield Laws and why journalists either want them or don’t, and then we looked at the Hazelwood case one last time.

After that, we listened to a portion of an episode of This American Life (We listened from 5:30-35:00 of the episode). We used the episode to discuss good storytelling and journalism.

Part of storytelling is story finding. At this point, we’ve got some more time to find stories around the school and involving students.

Notice also, how the storyteller weaves in facts, details, excerpts of transcripts, and direct quotations. Think about the work that went into producing this.

Then, we talked about The Free Press/Fair Trial dilemma, what’s being done to address this problem, and Shield Laws.

The big review for the test is tomorrow. Remember that the review is the key to a successful test.

To make things even better, you can download the majority of the questions on the review game right now!

Download the Communication Law Review Preview!

Or click on the images below to see full pages:

Term 4 – Day 12

I updated the gradebook this morning, and there are still a lot of you who haven’t graded your blog from last week or updated the spreadsheet on Google Docs. You will receive a zero on both assignments if they aren’t done by Wednesday, April 14. I’d like to keep a more organized gradebook, and I can’t keep waiting for you to get things to me on your schedule after the due date. I made a list of everybody who has a zero in the gradebook on the board.

Today is a shorter day, and you will again have time to work on the many things we have due in the class this week. I do, however, want to look at Cora Fox’s blog from last week at some point today.

Term 4 – Day 11

  • Get your blog grades done today.
  • Yellow Group: Make sure you’ve linked your story on the spreadsheet.
  • Blue Group: You’re publishing this week.
  • Default Project Deadline #1 is next Wednesday. Keep making progress. All projects will be updating that day.
  • Hoofprint Editors: You still may need to leave feedback for your writers today.
  • New Blog! Blog #10 is due on Friday.
  • There’s an latered schedule and testing Tuesday and Wednesday.

Term 4 – Day 11

First of all, if you didn’t share your drafts currectly on Google Docs, you aren’t going to have feedback on your rough draft.

Here’s today’s plan:

1. Gather the feedback you received from McCallum, the editors, and your classmates. If you did everything correctly on Friday, you’ll have a ton of feedback. If you didn’t, you won’t have so much.

2. Write down the things you see that make sense. What did you do well and what do you need to improve on?

3. Create an Action Plan that lists, specifically, what you need to do before your draft is final on Friday.

4. After you’ve typed up your Action Plan, get started on doing it. Your final draft is due on Friday. Turn in your Action Plan by the end of the block.

We will get back into Communication Law tomorrow, so please review your Supreme Court Case notes for tomorrow.

Term 4 – Day 10

Make sure your blog is done and graded.

Yellow Group should be published and linked on the Google Doc.


Term 4 – Day 10

Your drafts are due at the end of the block today. To get credit you must:

  1. Have them on Google Docs and shared with your editors  and McCallum. DO NOT share with your J2Peer Coach.
  2. Post them on the Homework Help board as a new topic.
  3. Fill out your Rough Draft Evaluation
  4. Update your Purple Folder. You should have; a copy of your draft, a rough draft, and your interviews.

Your assignment for the weekend is to read and respond to FIVE stories on the Homework Help Board. Your posts must include Praise, Push, and Proof that you actually read the story. This is worth 50 points – 10 points per post.

Term 4 – Day 8

You had the first part of the block to finish your posters.

After that, you presented and took notes on other presentations.

People who had interviews done today received extra credit. Those people who turn interviews in tomorrow will get full credit. We won’t have time to type today, but we’ll have tomorrow and Friday to write the rough draft.

Term 4 – Days 7 and 8

1. The Yellow Group will publish by Friday. Please link your story on the Google Doc when you’re done

2. Blog #9 is due Friday. Grade yourself by and hand in the sheet. Please don’t forget to post links or bring in the views of your classmates.

3. Continue working on your projects.