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PW: Day 17

Today is a big deadline day. Here’s what is due:

  1. 3 Interviews.
  2. 1 Observation
  3. Photo Orders

Please fill out an Interview and Observation Self Evaluation – Part 1, attach your notes and observation to your evaluation, and leave it in your folder. I will grade the interviews and return your folders today.

After that, Rachael lead a team building activity. If a lot of people are sick at school, we’ll do something else.

Finally, we introduced the Tatanka Photography Calendar. You all have access to it, and you learned how to add events to it for photographers. This is done so that the photographers and your classmates can see this and sign up for events.

With any time left over, you had a chance to work on planning your deadlines and updating your planning document.

Tomorrow, we’ll either continue caption instruction or have additional time for planning. We’ll see. I’ll see what the sub can do.

J2: Day 17

We didn’t get around to making Flickr accounts yesterday due to some distractions with shipping a newspaper. We’ll get around to that today.

Sign up for a Flickr account using a email address. You can create both for free. After you’ve made your account, add as a contact. You need to do this in order to have access to our photographers’ pictures. We need to do this because people are stealing pictures from us and not giving credit to photographers.

We looked at a couple more fundamentals of InDesign in preparation for Friday’s 30-minute layout challenge.

After that, you need to take part of the hour to work  with your Newspaper of the Future project with your group. You’ll be taking nearly the whole block to do that tomorrow, as I will be absent.

PW: Day 16

Due Tomorrow:

  • 3 interviews
  • 1 observation
  • Photo Orders

We began the day with a short Advertising Update and a look at how much we have left to fill. We’re already filled two spreads completely and may have half of our ad spreads filled by the end of the week. Let’s see if we can get 100% filled by the end of next week. We’ll discuss possible rewards for this if it happens.

We continued Uncovering Yearbook Rules at the start of class today. We should get them all uncovered in about 30 minutes. After that, we reviewed the Style and Rules guide to get specifics that you may have missed.

Lastly, we looked at writing captions. It’s a very specific process with clear-cut rules and procedures.

Caption Guide – PowerPoint

Caption Writing Practice

We had team building set up for today, but we’ll have to do this tomorrow instead.

J2: Day 16

At the start of the hour I did a basic InDesign refresher for those who haven’t had training or need a little memory-jog.

After that, we looked at some fundamentals of newspaper layout.

You need to make a flickr accout and add as a contact if you want to view and download pics in the future.

Finally, you had time to work.

PW: Day 15

Due Wednesday:

  • Photo Orders
  • 3 Interviews
  • 1 Observation

You need to have at least contacted all eight of your businesses today. So, we’ll start the day by giving you a chance to update the ad contact spreadsheet. Hopefully, we’ve sold some more ads. After that, as a class, we’ll update the ad situation on the Smart Board so we can see how much we’ve filled and how much more we have to do. Be sure to follow up on your ads this week so we can get our six spreads filled.

After the ad update, you took the new and improved Focus on Reporting Quiz 2010. It’s about 20 points. Hopefully you do well. We’ll talk about it as a class afterward.

After that, we started going through the The Tatanka Writer’s Guide 2009. It was probably so great.

We’ll continue with Style, Rules, and Captions throughout the week.

J2: Day 15

Here are some bookkeeping things we took care of:

  1. There’s a new blog on Look for the prompt to be updated as we look at articles and issues throughout the week on the developments with blogging, independent reporting, and print news. It’s due on Sunday.
  2. After this week, we are going to have a new way of updating You are only going to have to update every other week instead of every week. Your group and publishing days have been assigned and you can access them here. You must sign in to edit. I’ll explain this fully in class.
  3. I’m going to get caught up with grading today and tomorrow, so check your grades on Wednesday.

Keep working on your Newspaper of the Future project. I will show you how to create and share a presentation today. That should get you off and running with that.

We’ll look at and talk about one article as a class that talks about the future of print news. If you missed today, you need to read this.

Next Week in Publications Writing Class

Quiz on reporting concepts
Writing Style and Rules information

Writing Style and Rules (Captions)
Team Building

Planning Day
Photo Orders Due
Interviews/Observations Due

Review and Wrap Up of Style and Rules

Style, Rules, and Captions Quiz
Work time

PW: Day 14

Homework for this weekend: You need to contact all 8 of your businesses and have an answer to update the advertising spreadsheet with.

You began the day by finishing and presenting your term illustrations and word art. You’ll be quizzed on this on Monday.

After the presentation, you had some time to plan your deadlines, think of questions, do background research and work on intreviews/observations.

J2: Day 14

We began the day with another clip from This American Life before you had the block to work on either;

1. Getting your blog post updated and finding sources to link to.

2. Making sure you’ve got a story on

3. Working with your group on your The Ideal Newspaper of the Future Project.

Have a fantastic weekend.

PW: Day 13

We started the block with a few memorable Group Photos. Check the Flickr account for all the pictures, and the class picture is below.

Next we read the introduction to Focus on Reporting as a group and then broke into groups to highlight the 12 Key Concepts of the chapter.

You had the rest of the block to create your illustrations of the concepts.

The Key Concepts you should remember are:

  • Theme
  • Angle
  • Research
  • Unity
  • Transition
  • Interpretation
  • Word Choice
  • Focus
  • Clarity
  • Description
  • Order
  • Accuracy
The Yearbok Class on Class Color Day

The Yearbok Class on Class Color Day