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PW: Day 36

Hey. I’m gone for part of the hour, so here’s what’s up.

Finish your spread today.

Monday and Tuesday are reserved for Indexing, Finalilzing, Name Checking, and Proof reading.

Wednesday is for grading while the editors Ship THE DEADLINE!

Here are some instructions on Finalizing your spread.

1. Double check all names on your spread against this list. Remember the consequences for spelling names wrong is dropping grades on your work.

2. Look on the outside of the spread (Go to the “Normal” view on the bottom of the toolbar). Delete any text boxes on the outside of the spread.

3. Run a spell check. Go to Edit -> Spelling -> Check Spelling. Pay attention to this process. Do it more than once if you’re cool.

4. Index your spread. Don’t index photographers. Index your name, though.  Here’s how to do it:

5. Index the subject of your spread. It’s at the end of the above video.

6. If you add any names after this, you need to index them and remove the people you’ve already indexed.

J2: Day 36 stories should be published.

Your Secondary Coverage should be done by the end of the block today. You’ll be sharing them on Monday.

Be ready to move on to a new topic on Monday.

PW: Day 33

Sorry for the lack of updates. I promise to do better. I was doing a good job, too, wasn’t I? I was.


Worknight is tomorrow.

You have today and tomorrow to get pictures picked out and captions written.

Tomorrow, bring money for food and a hunger for getting things done. You have to be 100% finished by the end of the night tomorrow.

J2: Day 33

Sorry for the lapse in updating. It’s been busy, busy busy.

I’m back on it now.

1. THERE IS NOT BLOG POST THIS WEEK. The assignment for the week is to comment on other people’s blogs and respond to the comments you get.
2. Grade your blogs. I will comment/grade/update the portal this week.
3. Update

After watching a presentation on Alternative Copy and Design Modules, we went to the library and found inspiration for our next layout project. You looked for secondary coverage modules and sketched them out using design pages and pica rulers. You will be using that sketch throughout the week in the creation of a module of your own.

We had computers with InDesign and you had time to start your design module. They will be due Friday and presented to the class on Monday. This will obviously be more than 30 minutes of work and you will build on this assignment next quarter with your final project. If this works out well for you, you can even use it or something very similar to it in your project.

PW: Day 30

Today was a work day.

That is all.

Worknight is 6 days from now.

PW: Day 29

We won every writing award at the Convention yesterday!

To move toward repeating that amazing feat, we took a look at the four stories from our book that won top awards at the convention. We analyzed them for both the lead and the angle, as those are two of the main elements that makes the story stand out to readers. Try to incorporate some of those elements in your stories today.

After that, it was time to work. I hope you worked furiously.

J2: Day 29

Those of us who were on the field trip had an awesome time. We also learned a lot about the program’s strengths and weaknesses. Today, at the start of class, we’ll examine some award-winning papers from the convention and look closely at our website compared to other schools’ outstanding websites. We’ll try to find out what we do well and what we could improve on.

After that, we started fleshing out the details of our final project for the class next quarter. It looks like we’ll be producing a 16-20 page paper with outstanding writing, design, and topics to see how great we can do when we’re all contributing something meaningful. We’ll definitely get more involved with that in the upcoming days.

Lastly, I encouraged you to add pictures, videos, thumbnails, and slideshows to your stories, and most of you responded very well. Let’s keep doing that more often.

Tatanka, Hoofprint, and take All-State Honors

The Tatanka Yearbook and were awarded All-State Gold honors and The Hoofprint took All-State Silver at the Minnesota High School Press Association (MHSPA) Convention held at the University of Minnesota on October 20. Along with the publication honors, many individuals took home awards for their work with Buffalo High School Publications.

The Tatanka and Hoofprint took 3rd in the Best in Show competition, while was awarded First Place in the Web Site general excellence and earned Best in Show honors at the convention.

The yearbook writers swept all the yearbook writing award categories. Monica Shoberg won First Place in the yearbook feature copy category. Sophie Jundt won First Place in yearbook sports copy. Minnie Ostvig took second and Tom Polzine and Jake Dooley shared the honor for First Place in best academic copy for the yearbook. In the yearbook design category, Dani Krolak took second place. Matt Ebeling won 3rd in yearbook sports photo, and Joel Morehouse took second place.

Matt Ebeling took first place in Magazine Design.

For the newspaper individual awards, Miranda Cole took Third Place in center spread design. Joel Morehouse and Brad Palmer took third in page one design. Dan Hanson took honorable mention for newspaper sports photography.

The awards were for work on the 2009 Tatanka yearbook, Origin, and the Hoofprint newspaper and website from 2008-2009.

All newspapers, yearbook and websites in Minnesota are invited to participate in the competition.

J2 and Publications Writing: Day 28

It’s another Dual Update, which must mean I’m gone. Many of you are gone today, too! We’re ON A FIELD TRIP!

I’m going to try to broadcast parts of the seminars on the home page of Check it out, if you’re cool. If we’re broadcasting, you can click the broadcast or go to and use the chat feature to give comments. If it doesn’t work, at least we tried.

Live Broadcast:
Free TV Show from Ustream

Comment Stream:

I left sub notes with Mrs. Magandy. I signed out the Mac Lab, so everyone has resources!

Basically, you have today to work.

See you Wednesday!

J2: Day 27

Today is mostly a catch up, make-up, blogging, discussion day.

We started the day with a video about the Paradox of Choice. This builds off of our discussions from last week.

After that, we had a short discussion that lead to the blog topic for the week. Please try to engage both issues this week. I know it’s a lot, but it’s worth the time and effort. Thanks.

After that, you simply had time to make up work, get ahead, or research and report you stories. Don’t forget to update this week if you are scheduled to work on

Here’s a video tutorial for making a wordcloud. This goes with this week’s blog.