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J2: Term 2, Day 10

Today we looked at the writing that your classmates highlighted on their blog from last week.

Each of you read two blogs and left comments for the author. If you were gone today, you need to do that as well.

Please check your blog ASAP to approve the comments to I can see them.

In addition to that, we had our first check-in meeting for final projects.

Here’s what we talked about. This doc has names of people, what they’re writing about, what they’ve got done, and what they want to accomplish by Thursday. We’ll check in next week and see if you’ve accomplished what you said you wanted to do.

Have a great weekend and Thanksgiving.

Term 2 – Day 8

We had the last two days to work on proofs, fix mistakes, do interviews, and work on your story.

Your rough drafts for this deadline are due at the end of the block today. I may be open to extending this deadline, so we’ll talk at the start of the block today.

If I can be assured that an extension will result in much more polished rough drafts, I will consider it. I just want to see your best work possible.

We will be using The Forum for feedback this weekend, so be sure you have an account on there.

Term 2 – Day 8

We began the block by reading Part Two of The Farmhouse Murders and talked about the story, reporting, and writing style.

After that, we talked a bit more about the blog topic and you had time to be creative and work on your final project, blog, or

Term 2 – Day 7

We began the day by reading Part One of The Farmhouse Murders. Please don’t read any further than that.

The reading we did today lead us into a discussion about the blog topic for this week. It’s time for you to start looking for writing on your own and find ways to bring that writing into the classroom. We will be reading your examples next week, so please find writing your classmates will enjoy and find meaningful.

After that, you had time to work.

Term 2 – Day 6

We had a lot of people gone today on the Courage Retreat or for testing, so those who were here today got a work day.

Hurray, right?

J2: Term 2, Day 5

Most of you dropped the ball on last week’s blog entry. I’ll give you through today to get it in, but I will be taking off five points for people who aren’t done.

Those of you were are done had the day to work on and your final project for the quarter.

Potential Story Ideas J2 Finals

  • Music – Calli
  • Senior Slide combated by AP/CIS – Tommy
  • Post Secondary options (school doesn’t want you to go…) – Mitch
  • PDA/Relationships (how it affects school/family) in addition to fun stuff for readers Different perspectives (boys and girls) – Prentice & Megan Durst (two pages)
  • The Vault (culture, perspective, fight vs. city) – Natalie
  • Texting and relationships with teachers and parents (parents texting during classes) Respect? Teachers texting? Texting policy? – Mandy
  • Extra Credit (and non-curriculuar EC – wordfinds, games, push ups, not going pee) and A+ grades – Megan Downing
  • Front and Back – Joel
  • Quitting (band/choir, after a quarter, switching classes, sports) – Prentice will help whoever wants to do it.
  • Post Secret confessions – Vol. 2 – Joel
  • Should grading be standardized? Should grading be weighted?
  • Affects of sports on students – in what ways does it affect grades/schooling/homework/social life? – Nick
  • Work and its affect on social life/school/family/sports
  • Volunteer Opportunities for students – Sarah
  • Religion and this generation vs. Science – Sadie
  • Teenage pregnancies – being a student and a mom – Kendra
  • Stress and Homework – Rachel
  • Grading practice – failures hurting learning – Rachel
  • Trolling
  • Memes
  • Personality – where does it comes from – can they change? – How easily can it be changed?
  • Stereotypes

PW: Term 2, Day 5

We had to put our schedule on hold today, because we got PROOFS.

You’ll find out exactly what that means during class today, but it’s going to be a busy and meticulous time for sure.

Any changes to spreads have to be complete by Wednesday so we can ship everything back to the publisher. Anything  we miss becomes a part of our book forever, so let’s catch everything.

Due tomorrow: Six Interviews and Two Observations.

PW: Term 2, Day 4

We need to do Photo Orders today.

I reviewed, left comments on, and graded your interviews from yesterday. The vast majority of you turned in outstanding work that was so much better than the first time around. A few of you did not turn interviews in, and I’ll be talking to you today.

We continued making a modular design based on your basic layout today. When you’re done, turn in your basic, advanced, and rough draft. They will all be graded together.

On Monday, you’ll be transferring your modular design to a computer using InDesign and on Tuesday you will be making your first original layout exclusively on the computer.

When you got done with layouts, you had time to work.

Have a great long weekend.

J2: Term 2, Day 4

Here’s the results of the reading activity from yesterday. We’re going to review areas 4-7 at the start of class today so we’ve all got a firm grasp on the meaning of the reading before you get time to work.

Everyone who said the reading was difficult is absolutely right. It is tough, because it’s a very big concept and spans several areas of both business and culture. Some of you made some huge connections and asked some brilliant questions. Some of you were still confused and that’s okay. We’ll make sure no one is confused today.

After that, you had some much, much deserved work time. Don’t forget about publishing online and publishing a blog entry.

PW: Term 2 – Day 3

We didn’t get a chance to do Advanced Layouts yesterday, so look at yesterday’s post for information about Advanced Layouts.

Round 1 of Interviews and Observations are due today. Fill out an Interview and Observation Self Evaluation – Part 1 and hand it in to McCallum. He’ll have these back to you by classtime tomorrow.

Round Two is due next week on Tuesday. Don’t delay!

You got your basic layouts back fro me today and used them as we explored modular design for the first time as a group. This is a big step forward in design and the last step before we learn about design trends and you get to be turned loose to make your own creations on the computer.