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PW: Term 2, Days 27-29

Due Wednesday: Your computer layout. We’ll talk about how to send those on Wednesday at the start of class.

Due Wednesday: Your final draft.


I read through all drafts, graded them, and graded the feedback you left classmates. Overall, I’m not thrilled with the quality of the work that was done and the percentage of you who left feedback for classmates.

There’s a ton of work that has to be done on your drafts to make them redable and appropriate for the yearbook. You’ve got to do that work by Wednesday.


Work day.


Update your drafts and make sure they’re final. I’ll read them over break and give feedback if you’d like to improve it.

Also, you’ll export your layouts as .jpg files and send them to me.

J2: Term 2, Days 27-29

Winter Break is almost here!

There are no blogs due this week and Orange Group needs to publish on


I’ve graded all blogs and left comments for you. This was a really, really strong week for blogs and I shared several examples of great blogs during class. Take a look at your comments to see what I liked about your blogs and what suggestions I had for improving your blogs. You can always fix your blog and submit it again.

We looked at a couple of examples of newspapers of the future today, too. I know this relates to the first month of class, but these were awesome, so I couldn’t ignore them.


Continue working on your final project and You can improve your blogs as well. Make sure you don’t have any missing work heading in to break.


We’re going to meet as a group and update our Google Doc progress document. After break, deadlines start coming, so you should be ready to write and get serious about your layout and secondary coverage.

PW: Term 2, Days 22-26

Being gone three days this week is like a nightmare for me. I hate being gone. So, do your best today, because you’re awesome.

Here’s the plan for the week. Monday and Tuesday of this week look a lot like Monday and Tuesday from last week, because we’re actually going to get around to doing those things this time around.


Today, you’re going to finally start transferring your layout from paper to InDesign. You can pick either you basic layout or advanced layout. It doesn’t matter which one you pick, so go with what you’re comfortable with. The editors are around to help you today.

Plus, I’ve made a video that will walk you through the first steps of these things today. If you’re using a Mac, please find out how to connect to your server to save your layout. Other students can teach you this.  Watch the video below for how to get started.

Your layout needs to be based on the Basic Layout Checklist

Today, just concentrate on getting the basics of your layout started. Don’t place pictures or text – just make the boxes.

Make sure you return your computer and plug it in before class gets over.


Today, work on placing pictures and filling your spread’s copy blocks with content. Watch the video below for how to place and work with pictures and text.


Due today: 6 interviews and 2 observations.

You’ll need to fill out both of the evaluation forms below and hand your interviews in at the start of the block. I’ll grade your interviews and return them to you as soon as I can while you get started on your stories.

Interview and Observation Self Evaluation – Part 1

Interview and Observation Self Evaluation – Part 1


You have the block to work on your stories. The Rough Draft is due on Friday.


HOMEWORK FOR THE WEEKEND: Leave feedback on FOUR stories on Google Docs.

By the end of the block, you need to:

1. Share your document with your editors, Minnie, and McCallum

2. Put your draft in the Yearbook Writers Folder.

3. Fill out your Yearbook Rough Draft Evaluation 2009-2010 and put it in your folder.

Have a great weekend!

J2: Term 2, Day 22-26

I’m going to be gone three days this week. I really don’t like to be gone, so please be patient with the plans. I’m still hoping to get quite a big accomplished this week.


At the start of the hour, you’ll watch a video that directly relates to (and partly inspired) this week’s blog post. It’s also the subject of the reading we’ll do tomorrow. If you don’t watch the video, tomorrow’s reading won’t make a lot of sense, so make sure you watch it.

After the video, please check out the blog prompt.  Don’t start writing your blog yet, but you should have a pretty firm grasp on the question heading into class tomorrow.

Conferences are tomorrow, so you have a choice today. You can work on getting missing blogs and stories done so I can reference them at conferences and update the gradebook. If you one of the awesome people who are already caught up, then you can work on getting ahead. Get ready to read tomorrow.


At the start of the class, Mr. Thayer will give you a pretty long and somewhat difficult reading about satire and the news industry. Plug through it, becuase it makes you smarter. I cut out as much of the chapter as I could to save you time. As you read, please fill out The Daily Show and Crossfire – Big Idea guide. It’s worth 40 points and it’s due tomorrow.

When you’re done with that, you can now really engage the blog question for the week, or you could work on your project or


I’ll be back today and ready to discuss fake news. We’ll watch a parts of a couple episodes of The Colbert Report and The Daily Show and continue our discussion on Satire and Fake News and the media.

After our discussions, you’ll have time to work on your three projects.


We’ll do our check-in based on our Google Doc progress document. You should make some significant progress this week. We’re getting closer to break and our first deadlines. We have just one more check-in before Winter Break. Time is flying by.

When you’re not checking in, you’ll look at a couple of different Satirical News sources online.


Work Day.

All students

Use this list to check the names in the index. Look closely.

PW: Term 2, Days 17-21

Deadline 2 Finalizing Document – Must be filled out on Monday.

We are also moving on to Deadline 3 this week. Here’s how it’s going to break down from start to finish:

  • Here’s the complete Deadline Calendar
  • Photo Orders: Thursday, December 10
  • 6 Interviews and 2 Observations: Wednesday, December 16
  • Rough Draft: Friday, December 18
  • Final Draft: Monday, January 4
  • Caption Writing: Monday and Tuesday, January 4-5
  • Worknight: Wednesday, January 6
  • Final Deadline: Friday, January 8
  • Bruce: Monday, January 11
  • Index Flowed: Tuesday, January 12
  • Name checking and final corrections: Wednesday, January 13
  • Final Proofing: Thursday, January 14
  • Shipped to Dallas: Friday, January 15

Monday: Bruce is here today, so we won’t be able to work much on spreads. Some of you had specific things to do with the spreads that you had to finish today. Those are the only people who should be working on spreads today.

Instead of spreads, we’re going to move along in our InDesign unit and transfer your basic layouts to the computer. We’ll have the Mac Carts so everyone will be able to follow along.

Homework for tonight: Yearbook Deadline Evaluation

Tuesday: After Bruce’s visit, we will be double-checking indexing all names on spreads and flowing the index in order to check names before shipping.

After that, you’ll continue the layout that you started yesterday.

Wednesday: We will do our final proof-reading of our pages and make any corrections that weren’t made with names.


*Photo Orders are Due Today* We will also have the Mac Lab to enter in Photo Orders on the Computer. You’ll also fill out paper order forms and get them to photographers today.

Today is the team-reading phase and final correction time. You’ll read three other spreads and make any corrections you need at that point.

Any left over time will be spent working on layouts.

Friday: Editors will ship your spreads. You will not be able to make any changes to your spreads on Friday.

We will finish advanced layouts on the computer today, and you will officially be layout experts at this point.

J2: Term 2, Days 17-21

There’s a new blog post up at If you haven’t gotten your old post done, you need to do that ASAP, because it’s logged in the gradebook already if it was missing. I’m also grading stories this week for the term. Any missing work will show up on Mid Terms. Grades are due this week and Conferences are on Monday.

We have the Mac Cart Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, so everyone will have a computer. We will have this time to work on layout for your stories.

Monday: Today, we learned how to use the Hoofprint library and made sure everyone was working using the same rules, fonts, sizes, etc. After you learned how to use the library, you had time to make your layouts.

Tuesday: You will have the whole block and the Mac Lab to work on layouts.

Wednesday: We won’t have the macs, but you will have the whole block to work on stories, research, blogging and

Thursday: Did you achieve the goals you set for yourself last week? Here’s our ever-expanding Google Doc on your goals. We’ll meet again today to update this.

Friday: Today is a work day. We have the Mac Cart. You have  Blog,, and story to work on. Use your time wisely.

J2 and PW: Term 2, Days 12-16

This is just an update to let you know that I’m still updating this site regularly.

Both classes will be having a series of Work Days in the upcoming few days.


Worknight is Wednesday. Plan on being here until 9:00 p.m. Everything about your spread needs to be done by Friday. We will work every day this week to make that happen.

Here’s the worknight checklist: Worknight Checklist

Journalism 2:

Here’s a list of some articles and issues that we’ll look at this week. We’ll look at articles nearly every day, but the majority of the day is dedicated to blogging,, and your final project.

Monday: Issue 1 – TMZ and Tiger Woods – Gossip vs. News and why people are interested.

Other articles:

Tuesday: In light of the Funeral today, there will be no new information presented.

Wednesday: Article/Photo Essay 2 –  What they saved from the fire (photo essay).

Thursday: Final Project Check in. Have you met the goals you set for yourself in this document?

Article 3: Los Angeles Times – A deadly hush in Room 211 — then the killer returned

Friday: Blogging and work