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J2: Day 4

Thus ends the first week of J2!

Don’t forget about your blog post that’s due on Sunday.

Here’s the link to the story we looked at today.

We began the hour by finishing your assignment that was started in class yesterday.

…look at last year’s student blogs for an example of great blogging. In one of your own blogs, post a link to the post you chose and tell why you think it’s a great example of what a blog post should be. As you move forward, try to keep these examples and thoughts in mind as you write in your own blogs.

You had until Lunch to work on that.

After lunch, we looked at 13 Seconds in August – a special report put together by writers, photographers, and other staff at The StarTribune. It’s possibly the most accessable in-depth look at the 35W bridge collapse in August of 2007. You looked at it in small groups and we discussed it as a class.

After that, you had time to pick a story for and think of an idea for how you’ll capture the Truth with your first story for the class.

J2: Day 3

We began the hour by watching this YouTube video and discussing what it means to keep a blog. We then looked at a blog post by Will Richardson in which he challenged himself to define what educational blogging is.

We also looked at a small portion of Richardson’s book that deals with what blogging is, what it can be, and what blogging isn’t.

After this reading and discussion, please finish the following statement:

It seems to me that blogging is…

After that, you broke into pairs, grabbed a computer and looked at last year’s student blogs for an example of great blogging. In one of your own blogs, post a link to the post you chose and tell why you think it’s a great example of what a blog post should be. As you move forward, try to keep these examples and thoughts in mind as you write in your own blogs.

We also completed the team building activity we didn’t do yesterday.

J2: Day 2

Homework for tonight:

  1. Make your first post in your blog. It should center on your thoughts on Truth in Journalism. The approximate length of the post should be 350 words, though you’re always welcome to write more.


We began the class by continuing our discussion on the Meaning of Truth. The discussion started by reviewing the important themes in the short story we read for today.


Opening Questions : Answer any three, and be thorough with your answers
How do you think Tim O’Brien defines Truth?
What do you think O’Brien means when he says, “If the answer matters, you have your answer?”
What is the point of O’Brien sharing a graphic story like this?
How can the story of the Baby Buffalo be about love?
How can this story and O’Brien’s message about truth relate to Journalism?
How would you, personally, define truth after yesterday’s discussion and the reading by Tim O’Brien?


Next, you had a chance to log in to your blogs for the first time. You can work on them from anywhere with Internet access, so feel free to work on setting them up from home. Please make sure you change your password right away. Leaving the default password makes the site open to hackers.


We’ve got two important deadlines coming up:

  1. Know what you’re doing next week. Decide on if you’re writing as story, doing a photo essay, making a podcast, or producing a video. Once you’ve decided, get ready to publish on your specific day.
  2. Decide on what you want to produce for the first issue of the newspaper. We’ll do some work on breaking down the production of the issue and claiming specific roles for the project.


At the end of the hour, if we had time, we watched this video from about Fringe Presidential Candidates. It’s very different from traditional journalism, but is it still the truth? Is it appropriate and good, or does it take too many liberties with the truth?

PW: Term 3, Days 2-4

Today, we’re starting our Promotions Unit.

Our goal: Sell 400 books in two months. Can we do it?

We’re going to start this by reading The Day the Yearbook Died from Print Magazine.

After that, we’ll have a short class discussion before breaking into groups for the rest of the week. We’ll talk about advertising strategies, message consistency, word-of-mouth efforts, whole class projects. Everyone will have duties that are a part of our whole-group effort.

On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, you’ll be in small groups designing an individual poster and ad campaign. The best two campaigns, as voted on by the class, will be put into action as a part of our quarter-long effort.

We’ll have to have this all decided by the end of class on Friday or the beginning of the hour on Monday.

Good luck.

PW: Term 3 – Day 1

We really need to finish up Proofs and Indexing mistakes today. This is our first priority.

I don’t think we’re going to get to the Promotions Unit until tomorrow.

J2: Day 1 – Welcome to Journalism 2

Welcome to Journalism 2!

As you found your seats at the beginning of the block, you found out two of the groups you are in for the rest of the semester. The groups are indicated by the stickers on your note cards.

First Day Notecard, Front

The first group is your computer group. This was indicated by either a Green or a Yellow circle on the note card.

The next group is a little more significant, and it was decided by the colored star on the top of your staff information sheet. Make sure you write down your two groups, you’ll be using them all semester.

Publishing Groups:
Gold = Mondays
Silver = Tuesdays
Red = Wednesdays
Green = Thursdays


You filled out and turned in your Writer Information Sheet before we moved on to other activities.

After that sheet was filled out, you completed the back side of your notecard.

First Day Notecard, Back

You’ll be using quite a few technology tools throughout the semester, so it’ s essential you keep them straight. If possible, try to use the same password for each of the tools we use in the class.


Once those things were taken care of we began a discussion that will guide us throughout the rest of the semester. In publishing groups, we started discussing the concept of Truth and what it means to journalists.



Homework for tonight:

Read Tim O’Brien’s “How to tell a true war story.”

Please make sure your Forum account still works.

If you would like, please bring a layout from a magazine that you think is designed well. This isn’t required, but it may make our next few days more interesting for you.

Term 2: Final Week

Journalism 2: Final Project Evaluation


Working on your final projects. Get finished today.


Proofreading other people’s spreads and making final changes.


Packaging your final layout, zipping it, and sending it to

Filling out a final project evaluation.


Final Blog and Portfolio/Reflection due.

Last day for make-up work.

Term 2: Final Week

Deadline 4 Breakdown:

Photo Orders Due: Wednesday, February 3
3 Interviews/1 Observation: Wednesday, February 10
6 Interviews/1 Observation: Wednesday, February 17
Rough Draft: Friday, February 19
Final Draft: Friday, February 26
Worknight: Wednesday, March 3
Complete: Friday, March 5


We’ll start the hour with a Team Building Activity.

Today you’ll get on computers, take your ideas from Friday, and start turning them into an actual spread on InDesign. The editors will be available to help you if you have any software questions.

Homework: Yearbook Deadline Evaluation


Due today: Yearbook Deadline Evaluation

Finish your layouts and present them to the class.


Team Building Activity

Deadline 4 Story Starter


To be decided.


Worknight Checklist

Make sure that these are printed out, filled out, and turn it in by the end of worknight.

Learning and Fun survey

Please take this survey. You are the best.
Follow this link, please.