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J2: Day 17

We looked a few examples of resources that can help you in your planning of your newspaper of the future project. These articles show the importance of Social Media in directing web traffic and reporting the news.

Facebook now directs more traffic online than Google

BBC urges journalists to embrace Social Media

Harnessing the Power of Social Media in Journalism

Next, we looked at The Future of Journalism and saw the conclusions drawn by the group about how good Journalism can survive the digital age.

After looking at and discussing these examples, we either watched a This American Life clip or had time to work in groups.

J2: Day 16

We watched and discussed this really, really fascinating video. Please evaluate your project based on this new information.

J2: Day 15

Here’s today’s agenda:

1. We looked at some fantastic examples of blogs. I left comments for everyone, graded blogs, and updated the grade book. Try to make your blogs look more like the examples we looked at today.

2. Publication Groups time. Next week is the last week we’ll publish in groups, so plan ahead and know what you’re doing.

3. We learned how to set up and share a presentation on Google Docs that you’ll use for your group Newspaper of the Future projects.

4. You had time to work in your project groups.

** Don’t forget to check your grade and check out the new blog post for the week.

Story ideas for you, if you’re stuck.

Hey people. Here are my ideas for stories – use them if you want.

1. The exchange student from Japan is presenting during AAA in Strassburg’s room. Go there, interview, and take a picture.

2. There’s a dance on Friday (2-12) for Snow Daze. It seems to be something that mostly underclassmen are attending – good thing to examine.

3.  The BHM staff showcase is next Friday (2-19). This is getting bigger each week.

4. Snow Daze activity results and reaction each day.

5. Sports scores and results.

J2: Day 10

At the start of the class, we jigsawed several articles about the twilight of tradionally-presented print news – of news and most people know it. You worked in your publishing groups for this.

Here are the articles we read. If you were gone today, I’d HIGHLY suggest reading each short article.

1. More Americans turning to Web for news – Reuters

2. Detroit Papers Slash Home Delivers –

3. Who will mourn local newspapers? – Financial Times editorial by John Gapper

4. Christian Science Paper to End Daily Print Edition – Stephanie Clifford – The New York Times

5. NY Times, other newspapers continue to struggle – USA Today

6. AJR – The Elite Newspaper of the Future

Some of the key concepts we discussed:

  • Broadcasting vs. Narrowcasting
  • Craigslist vs. Classifieds
  • Variable Costs of printing vs. Bandwidth only of the web
  • Local coverage with targeted advertising
  • What aspects of newspapers are least vulnerable?
  • Why papers are struggling and what they’re doing about it.

Your group presented about the article and the rest of the groups took notes. Save your notes, you’ll need them moving forward.

Finally, you learned a bit about what your next project is. Here’s what you learned:

Create a newspaper that will make it through the next five years and appeal to readers while continuing to make money that supports good reporing.

Here is the Complete Project Descrption: Project Description: The Ideal Newspaper of the Future

You’ll make

  1. The front page
  2. An interior page/spread
  3. An explanation of how it will attract and retain subscribers
  4. An explanation of how it will attract advertisers over other sources

You’ll be making a presentation to the class of all these things. Stay tuned for more details.

Grade your blog here.


J2: Day 6

  • Grading your First Blog
  • Looking at a really good story and talking about the standards of quality we expect out of our stories online.
  • Time to publish on
  • Watching another video that demonstrates both unique reporting and a story about journalism and the truth. I can’t post the whole video online, but here’s a preview:

J2: Day 5

Today, you were introduced to the concept of grading your own blogs. Give it a try here.

Hey everyone! Be sure to check out, because you have a brand new blog post due this week.


I’m doing two demos today:

1. Some of you had trouble linking or writing new blog posts this weekend. I’ll just show once more how to get into your blog and start a new post with a link in it.

2. Monday’s group is going to publish tomorrow (because we’re shifting one day over). Today, I’m going to go through the process of creating a new Pay attention, okay?


Finally, you had time to grade and update your blogs and work in groups.

Don’t forget that you have a new blog due on Sunday.