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2011 Tatanka yearbook editors

Congratulations to the editors of the 2011 Tatanka Yearbook.

Michael LaCroix
Beth Leipholtz

Steph Bunting
Lauren Wilson

Nina Downer
Sarah Durst
Sarah Lundquist
Nick Weeks

Student Life:
Sarah Oliver

Calli Durst
Megan Durst

Rebekah Herdklotz

Amanda Doebler

Brittany Downs

Colm Macnab

J2: Week of March 8-12


This is a day to tie up loose ends and get ahead.

  1. Is your blog updated and does it have the Wordle?
    1. Don’t forget about your self-evaluation
    2. Is your 30-minute challenge on there with a reflection?
  2. Did you publish last week
    1. If not, get a story online today.
  3. Do you have an idea for your story this week and have you started reporting?


  1. Check your grade on Portal for any missing assignments
  2. Check for the blog post this week.
  3. An clip from This American Life
  4. A math quiz
  5. Work time
  6. Homework or end of class: an article about survival – “What it takes to survive?”

It’s your LAST CHANCE to order your book

Online ordering is finished, but we still have a limited supply of books available. We will continue taking orders until our books have sold out.

Order forms were distributed to all students who haven’t ordered books and will also be sent home later this week. You can also download an order form here.

J2: Week of March 1-5


1. Publish your Google Doc presentation and embed it in your blog.

2. Write a reflection to go with it and publish it.

  • Write about what you did, the things you learned along the way, what you think you did well, and what areas you still have for improvement.
  • What would you do differently if you could do it again?
  • How can it be applied to future projects.

3. Make a from your Blog, publish it, and include it in your blog. Save this post as a draft. You’ll use it later this week in your blog post.

4. Work with your partner on publishing and get stories started.

5. Self-evaluate your blog and then work on making up anything that’s missing.



We began the block by looking at an article about America’s changing news consumption habits.

Next, we got an InDesign refresher. We’re going to have a design challenge on Friday, so pay attention today!

Finally, we watched one more episode of emThis American Life/em. We’ll pick which one we watch as a class today.


We went over dsome additional skills in InDesign at the start of the block.

1. Text wrap
2. Drop shadow and other effects
3. Corner options
4. Rule lines and color/width
5. The eyedropper color tool

Take time during class to practice these skills. You’ll be evaluated on these skills and more on Friday.

Next, we watched (either in whole or in part) an in-depth discussion on the rise of digital content distribution and the way it’s impacting traditional publishing. This directly relates to the blog question for the week.

Next, you had class time to find sources for your blog, work on your blogs, or publish on


We began the block watching the last 10 minutes of the video we started yesterday.

After that, we learned a couple more skills in InDesign in preparation for our Design Challenge on Friday.

  1. Drop and Initial caps
  2. Hyphenation
  3. Working with fonts and characters
  4. Columns
  5. Exporting spreads as pictures

After that, you had time to work on publishing and blogging.


  1. A headline (actual text)
  2. A subhead (actual text, and a complementary font to the headline)
  3. A story (approx. 300-350 words in placeholder text)
  4. Drop caps or leading effects with the story.
  5. At least three photos of varying shapes and sizes.
  6. One color pulled from a picture and used somewhere on the spread (eyedropper tool).
  7. Captions that go with each picture.
  8. Use at least one rule line or colored box.
  9. At least one “effect” added to a picture, rule line, box, or copy block.
  10. Rounded corners, drop shadow, embossing, beveling, inner glow, gradient, etc.
  11. Exported as a jpeg and put on your blog as a thumbnail.

Today, you had time to play with the program and follow the tutorials about InDesign in The Knowledge Base.