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J2: Week of April 26-30

Articles and Examples

Article/Photo Essay 2 –  What they saved from the fire (photo essay).

Article 3: Los Angeles Times – A deadly hush in Room 211 — then the killer returned

Week of April 19-23


We started the hour by talking about how to Engage Learners by designing interactions.

After that, we talked about when things would be due and how things would be graded.


While we shipped The Hoofprint, you had time to work and prep for your Final Project.


Today’s agenda:

1. The Wednesday group should publish today, and Francie too.

2. Your blog is due Sunday, so get to work finding a story. If you record the story and want help uploading it, I’ll be happy to help on Monday.

3. You need to start getting an outline of your final project. The document for doing this is online.

Make a copy of this document for each concept you signed up for.

Begin working on your concept sheet on Google Docs. The concept sheet should be done by Friday. You don’t have to have your things made by Friday, but the concept sheet should be done.


I’m gone doing Technology today all day. Mrs. Tierney is your sub. She’ll help you design great stuff for J1.

Thursday group, Publish Today!

Don’t forget your blog!


Your concept outline Google Doc should be done by the end of the block. It will give you a clear outline of what you need to do next week. I’ll leave feedback over the weekend, so be sure it’s back in the J2 Folder in Google Docs.

Your Blog is due on Sunday.

J2: Week of April 12-16


We’re back to our “normal” schedule. There’s a new blog on J2 Blogs that’s due this Sunday. You will be publishing in your new groups.

We started today by looking at some items in the news about the news. These things should help with your blogs for the week.

  1. Google develops a formula that will decide what news you see
  2. YouTube has officially broken the barrier of 24-hours of video being uploaded every minute.
  3. The effect Citizen Journalism has and will have on our culture.

After looking at these three items, you had work time for two things:

  1. Review the feedback that you received on your second draft of your story. Make changes and make a final draft by Wednesday at the end of the block. This is a major assignment.
  2. Finish and polish your secondary coverage or quick read that goes with your Ideal School Story.


You had today to work toward finishing all your assignments for the week. Your layout and story are due by the end of class tomorrow.


Due by the end of the hour today:

  • Your story should be FINAL. The editors are putting the paper together tonight, and your story should be 100% final and ready to go.
  • You should make a blog post that includes your secondary coverage idea as a.jpg file and write a brief reflection on both your story and your layout. The reflection can be done from home, but your picture should be online and your story needs to be final. We will move on tomorrow.

If you’re done, take time to work on or your blog.



  • Stories are in, blogs should be done. Grades are happening today, tomorrow, and this weekend.
  • No story was published yesterday.
  • Two stories should be published today.
  • Your blog will be graded A, B or Incomplete. Any blog that doesn’t include evidence of Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, and Original Thought will be Incomplete.

We started the day talking about Blog ideas, and we watched a really interesting  Interview from the Colbert Report that illustrated the concept of the Wise Fool we blogged about perfectly and also showed the story behind the WikiLeaks story we looked at on Monday. It’s a fantastic Interview. Thanks, Alex, for mentioning it.

After that, we voted for what the final project of this class will be. After an original vote narrowing down six options to two, we had a final vote between re-imagining The Hoofprint as a magazine or making things for the Journalism 1 classes next year. The second option won.

Tomorrow, we’ll start planning out how this project will work, who will work on different aspects of it, when it will be due and how/when it will be graded. The goal is to have a complete outline of the project by Tuesday of next week.

After that, you had work time.


We started the block by brainstorming the concepts from Journalism 1 that you felt were most important. The screen is embedded below.

Here’s the screen!

You guys came up with an OUTSTANDING list of concepts.

In good instructional design, a teacher picks a concept that they want students to attain first and then designs activities and interactions that lead a student toward attaining that concept. We’ll look at this method more in the upcoming days.

The list that you came up with is on this Google Doc. Use the document to sign up for what you want to do. Put your name or the name of the people in your group under the concept(s) you want to tackle.

The rest of the day is for you to use for blogging or