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Journalism – Week 8 – October 25-29

Monday and Tuesday

Due to a slight change of plans, you had class on these days to work on your upcoming story.

3 Interviews are Due Wednesday.


3 Interviews are Due today.

You’ll fill out a Interview Self Evaluation at the start of class and then hand it in to me.

You’ll get interview grades by the end of the block and I’ll talk to as many of you as possible before the end of class.

Thursday and Friday

You’ll have all block both days to write up your rough draft. As you start your drafts today, please share them with the right people. Here’s the link to who you will share with. You have until midnight Friday night to get things all done.

When you’re finished, please fill out a Rough Draft Rubric.

After you’re done, you need to have a good weekend.

Order your 2011 Yearbook online

Follow this link to order your book online!

Publications Writing – Week 8 – October 25-29


Today we will have the whole block to select pictures you’ll be using on your spread and begin writing captions or them.

You may need to interview people in order to get quotes for your captions.


Today we will have the whole block to select pictures you’ll be using on your spread and begin writing captions or them.

You may need to interview people in order to get quotes for your captions.


Bring money for Food and be ready to stay until 9:00 pm.



Everyone needs a Worknight Checklist that needs to be completely filled out by 9:00 tonight. Staple the final draft of your spread to your checklist.


We will have the block to debrief the Worknight Experience and finish any loose ends with editors.


Everything must be 100% finalized and ready to go.

Practice Spread

Here’s the practice spread we used today.

Journalism – Week 7 – October 18-19


You started the hour with 25 minutes to finish your background research on your topic and prepare for your interviews. Interviews are due a week from Wednesday.

After that you, had to free-write for 15 minutes on any topic that you have an opinion about. You need to write about your opinion in any way you feel could interest a reader. You can stop in the middle of a sentence if you need to. Just write for 15 minutes, consider an audience, and present an opinion. We’ll share these when you’re done in small groups. One or two people may be able to volunteer to share to a large audience.

Keep these. We’ll definitely be bringing them back up tomorrow as we learn more about the art of Opinion and Editorial writing.

Publications Writing – Week 7 – October 18 & 19

Monday and Tuesday

We will be doing the Basics of InDesign today. All of these things are incredibly important to know. Here’s a rundown of the basics. I’m hoping to have video tutorials ready by this day on the Tips Page. You are responsible for knowing all of these things.

  • How to place photos, scale them to fit, and avoid stretching or going over 100% in scale.
  • Where to save and place all photos.
  • The two different mouse options in InDeisng (white and black)
  • How to work with photo and text boxes
  • How to work with fonts and sizes
  • How to work with indenting and line spacing
  • Viewing and zooming to 100%
  • Using the rulers for measurement
  • How to justify and remove hyphenation
  • Accessing the Library
  • What to do when the “Hand tool” won’t go away.
  • How to arrange items to bring them ahead or behind other items.
  • Understanding borders, margins, and bleedlines
  • Saving frequently and working with file names
  • Helpful keyboard shortcuts

Make sure you are aware of what all of these are and how to do them. You will be expected to know all of these things on Worknight.

Tuesday is the Photo Deadline. Make sure you have what you need before you leave for break.

Also, we will do some brief exercises on writing headlines and subheads on Tuesday. Come back here for notes.

Yearbook, Newspaper, and Website take top honors at MHSPA convention

The Hoofprint newspaper continued to develop a tradition of excellence to match the Tatanka yearbook’s with its third consecutive All-State Gold award at the Minnesota High School Press Association convention held October 12 at the University of Minnesota. In addition to the Hoofprint’s award, took first in Website General Exellence and All-State Gold for the second consecutive year. The Tatanka Yearbook had an impressive showing, as well. In addition to taking All-State Silver and winning first in teme concept and design, our students won more individual awards than any other school at the convention.

Individual awards are listed below. – All State Gold and First Place in General Excellence

The Hoofprint – All State Gold

Tatanka yearbook – Second Place Best in Show and All State Silver


Matt Blizel – First Place Multimedia Package

Yearbook Awards:

Nina Downer & Sarah Oliver – First Place for Yearbook Sports Copy

Nick Weeks – Third Place for Yearbook Sports Copy

Minnie Ostvig – Third Place for Theme Copy

Emily Anderson – Third Place for Academic Copy

Abby Rausch – Second Place for Yearbook Feature Copy

Joel Morehouse – First Place for Yearbook Feature Photo

Dan Hanson – Second Place for Yearbook Feature Photo

Dan Hanson – Second Place for Yearbook Sports Photo

Monica Shoberg – Second Place for Yearbook Spread Design

Newspaper Awards:

Maggie O’Donell – Second Place for Newspaper Sports Photo

Beth Leipholtz – First place for Newspaper Sports Story

Joel Morehouse – Honorable Mention and Third Place for Page One Design

Nate Spanier – Second Place for Newspaper News Story

Joel Morehouse – First Place for Newspaper Feature Photo

Dan Hanson -Honorable Mention for Newspaper Feature Photo

Week 6 – October 11-15


You got your story assignments at the start of class today. Here’s what you got:

  • Parker – Swimming and Diving Video Project
  • Mike W – Gaming
  • Rylee – Paramedics
  • Bailey – Modeling Agency would be a good one, but BPA would be even better. Let me know which you want.
  • Colton and Tyler  – Deer Hunting
  • Morgan – No Shave November
  • Heather and Nessa – The Nurse Story would be good. Fitting in would also be amazing. Let me know which one you want to do.
  • Emily and Angela – Boys’ Hockey.
  • Marah – Fall Play
  • Amber and Ayjiah – Arts Magnet Students or Volunteer Work
  • Neske – Winter Activities
  • Andrew – Choir Concert
  • Emily and Nikkin- Kids being adopted, if you can make it work, would be awesome. You could write about Tierney adopting a child… If that doesn’t work, then Animal Shelter would work.
  • Ayjiah – I would love the Black in Buffalo Story if you wanted to do it next deadline. Start doing some big time thinking about it this deadline.
  • Marissa and Marissa – Radio Station would be cool. See what you can do.
  • Cody – Typical High School Student
  • Sandy – Do KDWB if you can get there. Otherwise, you can work with Emily D. on the adoption story.
  • Katie and Deanna -Can you do the budget story this time and Teachers Bending the Rules next issue? You have wonderful ideas.
  • Deanna – Boys’ Basketball
  • Cadie and Jeff – Students and Grading. This would be an awesome topic.
  • Cheyenne – State FFA
  • Caitlin – Animal Shelter
  • Arianna K – Minnesota Vikings
  • Bryce B – Wrestling
  • Editor Ideas –
  • The Challenge of Filling the Shoes of Mr. Bakke- Megan Neske
  • How teachers are actually using technology in each room –
  • Kids having a real effect around the school – Shelby Maznio

Next, we covered how to export and put your spread in the DropBox. Check out the video below for a refresher.


I am gone today.

By the end of the block, your layouts should be exported and in the DropBox folder. Help each other out please.

If you’re finished, begin working on the background research process. The instructions will be on the board.

Publications Writing – Week 6 – October 11-15

Caption Notes


You will start the block by gathering your feedback and creating an action plan for yourself.

At the end of your draft or on a separate sheet of paper, answer the following questions.

  1. From looking at your feedback, what do you think you did well?
  2. What do you think you need to spend the most time working on?
  3. What is your plan for each day this week to make your rough draft great?

After that, you need to meet with your editors about your draft and your progress so far.

After the meeting, we will begin caption instruction.


Due Today: Your photo for your Photo Story

You will have the block to work on your story.


We will be using a Mobile Lab Today

You will all post your picture and the caption you are writing about it on the PhotoStory website. We will all use the same login and password for this day. If you’re absent, please get it form me. By the end of the block, your photo should be cropped and uploaded, your story should be written, and your post should be published.


We have the Mobile Lab today and have the whole block to work on your story.


We have the Mobile Lab and will be finishing final drafts today.

Make sure your Google Doc is completely updated and ready to go by the ed of the block. You will not have extra time to work on your draft next week.

Journalism – Week 5 – October 4-8

Upcoming Deadlines

  • Final Draft – Friday, November 5
  • Rough Draft – Friday, October 29
  • Interviews and Observations – Wednesday, October 27
  • Background Research, Angle, and Interview Questions – Thursday, October 14
  • Stories Assigned – Thursday, October 7

Final Draft – Friday, November 5Rough Draft – Friday, October 29Interviews and Obserations – Wednesday, October 27Background Research, Angle, and Interview Questoins – Thursday, October 14Stories Assigned = Thursday, October 7


We didn’t do any team building activities last week, so we’ll do a quick one called Electricity today at the start of the block. I hope you enjoy it.

Next, you reflected on first deadline and handed in a reflection. Please answer these questions as your reflection.

  1. What did you do to make your rough draft into a final draft. Be as specific as possible.
  2. If you had to give yourself a grade for your final draft, what would it be and why?
  3. When you think about the process of writing your next story, what do you think you’ll do differently or better?
  4. What did you learn about journalism and reporting from this process?
  5. Anything else?

These should be done as soon as possible.

We got a little more familiar with the forum today, as well.

Assignment for tomorrow:

Bring in a magazine that you like the design of.


We started the block with a round of “I know someone who…” I hope you had a great time with it.

After that, we began our design unit with learning some Basic InDesign tools. You’ll have time to practice these with a partner later.

We then went into measuring existing layouts and learning some basics about how a document is put together on InDesign.

Finally, we talked a little about your stories and the ideas you had for next deadline.

Assignment for tomorrow:

Post your three story ideas and your reason for wanting to write about them in this topic on The Forum.

Here are some of the notes and the layout activity introduction.