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Welcome to Journalism 2

Welcome to Journalism 2!

As you found your seats at the beginning of the block, you found out two of the groups you are in for the rest of the semester. The groups are indicated by the stickers on your note cards.

The circle group is your computer group. This was indicated by either a Pink or an Orange circle on the note card.

The next group is a little more significant, and it was decided by the colored star on the top of your note card. Make sure you write down your two groups, you’ll be using them all semester.

Publishing Groups:
Gold = Mondays
Silver = Tuesdays
Red = Wednesdays
Green = Thursdays
Blue = Fridays

You will begin publishing your first story on Monday.


You’ll be using quite a few technology tools throughout the semester, so it’ s essential you keep them straight. If possible, try to use the same password for each of the tools we use in the class.


Once those things were taken care of we began a discussion that will guide us throughout the rest of this quarter. In publishing groups, we started discussing the concept of Truth and what it means to journalists.



Homework for tonight:

Read Tim O’Brien’s “How to tell a true war story.”

Login to your blogs at and update your password. Write your first blog post as best as you can.

The address for your new blog is on the back of your note card.

Sharing your story today

Please put your story on the forum today and make sure it’s shared with editors.

Your homework for the weekend is to read and comment on four drafts. This is graded.

To see the editors list in full, go here.

Journalism Updates

First, link me to your story on right here. This needs to be done ASAP.

Then link me to your top three blogs using the form below. This is due by Monday night.

Journalism 1 schedule – Week of January 10-14


Review the presentation below to get a review of the topics we covered today.


To turn in your stories and get credit for them, please post a link to your story on this document.

What are you writing about?

Click here and then enter what you’re writing about.

Journalism 1: Week of January 3-7

Monday and Tuesday

Welcome back from break. We’ve got a little time left together and a lot left to do.

To start with, we’ll look at some highlights from your blogs that were due over break.

Next, we’ll look at the next blog assignment on J1 Blogs.

After that, you’ll get your next deadline story assignments from the ideas you picked on the forum.

Here are the deadlines for your final assignment:

  • Wednesday, January 12: Background Research and Interview Questions Due
  • Wednesday, January 19: 5 Interviews and an Observation Due
  • Friday, January 21: Rough Draft Due on Google Docs
  • Thursday, January 26: Final Draft Due (Last day of the quarter)

Once we’re good to go for next deadline’s due dates, we’ll start learning about a new style of writing that you’ll practice throughout the rest of the class.

After we practice a couple of activities with the Inverted Pyramid, we’ll learn our next assignment. If you were gone today, please do this Nursery Rhyme News activity to check to see if you’re understanding everything.

Your next assignment:

Due next week:

You will write an Inverted Pyramid News Story for that will be due next week. A small group of students will publish each day so we have stories going online for each day of the week.


Stories are worth 50 points in the Summative section of the gradebook. Stories with photos without photos, graphics, or illustrations will receive a maximum of 43/50 points for a final grade of a (B).

Check out this link for a complete breakdown of expectations with descriptions and examples of good and bad stories.

Publishing on Monday, January 10: Emily A., Jeff, Amber, Rylee, Marah, Bailey

Publishing on Tuesday, January 11: Whitney, Kala, Katie, Morgan, Cody, Sandy

Publishing on Wednesday, January 12: Caltlin,  Emily D., Heather, Marissa M., Jessica, Alexa

Publishing on Thursday, January 13: Nikki, Marissa D., Cheyenne, Ayjiah, Cadie, Michael

Publishing on Friday, January 14: Tyler, Nessa E., Amanda, Parker, Angela, Trey

Story Assignments

Jessica – How fragile are reputations?
Trey – Ignorance
Cadie, Rylee, Nikki – ???
Amber and Ayjiah – Smoothies – but that’s not a great story idea. It needs to be bigger for more people to work on it.
Amanda, Angela, and Emily A. – Spring Break
Cheyenne and Katie – Bison Bits
Parker – Facebook
Tyler and Morgan – yearbook
Kala – valentine’s Day
Mike – ???
Sandy – Spring Break mishaps
Emily D – Worst travel stories
Marah – Mock Trial
Cody – Drugs in high school
Nessa – Bullying and Fitting In
Caitlin – Acceptance


Details coming soon, depending on how far we get on Monday.