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J2 – Week 5 – Choice – February 27 – March 2




J2 – Week 4 – February 21-24


J2 Week 3 – Feb. 13-17 – What is Journalism and where is it going?



Here’s the link to the This American Life episode that we listened to the first 10:41 of today.


After that, we’ll have 50 minutes of work time.


We have the mobile lab and the entire time is work time.


J2 – Week 2 – What is Journalism?


Discussion time: 50 minutes.
Creation time: 30 minutes.

The following presentation has most of today’s agenda and discussion outline inside.

The information about adding stories and pictures to is here.


Discussion time: 30 minutes
Creation time: 50 minutes

The presentation below has many links in it that can help you as you look for sources to support your opinion or ideas you want to refute. They are meant to help discussion and help you as you blog.

Tomorrow, we’ll have nearly the entire block to work on blogs and

How to do all kinds of stuff on

Today in class, we looked at how to prepare a story, get images ready for publishing, and insert images into stories on

Here are three videos that can help you do these things.

Getting a story started on

Preparing images to be used with your story

Inserting images into your story

J2: Day 5

Text your reply or follow this link to comment.

It seems to me that blogging is…

You’ll be publishing to next week. Here’s a couple of things to consider:

1. The best stories that get the most clicks always have pictures, graphics, or videos for it. You’ll get extra points for including them if you produce them on your own.
2. You can get someone else to get photos and video for you, because they’ll be looking for work to do.
3. You’ll have about 40 minutes to publish, so do some prep work with the other days of the week.
4. Videos and guides will be available to help you post pictures.

Take time today to work on research, interviewing, or writing your story, fixing up your blog so it’s awesome, or looking for ideas you may want to write about going forward.

J2 – Day 3

What is Truth?

At the start of class, we took a look at some of the highlights from your blog entries from last night. The people who haven’t done their blog got a reminder about it.

Tomorrow during class, you’ll be returning to this blog post in order to make it amazing.


Next, we turned our attention to finding interesting story ideas for We used Anna Mason’s presentation about what made for the most successful stories last year.


Then, spend some time in class looking what makes a good story.

We’ll also look at some examples of good and bad stories on and talk about good sources for stories and ideas. We’ll decide about how we’ll do the first stories (groups, photos, videos, etc) in class.

Know what you’re doing for next week. Decide on if you’re writing as story, doing a photo essay, making a podcast, or producing a video. Once you’ve decided, we’ll take a little time to get ready to publish on your specific day.


Finally, to continue our examination of Truth in Journalism, we took a look at 13 Seconds in August from The StarTribune. We’ll all take a look at it and then talk about the ways this is better or worse than traditional reporting.