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Ethnography Samples and Instructions

Before you begin typing up your ethnography draft, please take a few minutes to read over an ethnography from Mrs. Cary’s CIS writing class.

Follow this link and pick one ethnography to read. They will all be a little bit different, but they follow the same format. Remember these are several times longer than your’s needs to be. Your ethnography should only be around 700-900 words long. If you want to go longer, you can, but it is not required and won’t necessarily help your grade.

Once you feel like you are ready to start writing, take a look over your assignment description. The second page has instructions on putting together your ethnography. You can borrow heavily from your preconception in the introduction and first part of the paper.

If you have questions… relax. Everybody does. Just give this a try first and do your best. Remember that this is a first draft.

Jessi put together a helpful note sheet for you if you’d like. Just click the images below to see the paper in actual size.

2013-10-27 12.38.48

2013-10-27 12.39.01



Yearbook named Best in Minnesota as BHS Publications sweep State awards


All three BHS publications won All-State Gold awards.

The Buffalo High School yearbook, newspaper, and news web site all received All-State Gold Awards from the Minnesota High School Press Association at the State convention on October 8. All-State Gold is the highest honor a publication can earn from the MHSPA.

The yearbook was named Best-in-Show, making it the top yearbook in Minnesota. The Hoofprint newspaper and each took Second Place Best-in-Show honors. This was the best showing for BHS publications at the convention.
Several individual students won awards at the convention.
Ben Leipholtz won five state awards. He won First Place and honorable mention for best newspaper feature photo, Third Place for page one newspaper design, Second Place for website multimedia package, and First Place for Best Yearbook Feature Photo.
Jessi McMullen won honorable mention for editorial writing.
Erika Voeller won honorable mention for newspaper single page design.
Helaina von Bank won honorable mention for yearbook academic copy.
Brianna Christian won honorable mention for yearbook feature photo.
Nick Engfer won first place for yearbook sports photo.
Hannah Lindborg won first place for yearbook page deisgn.
Hope Mueller and Emily DeVore won first place for Yearbook Theme Concept.
The Hoofprint,, and Tatanka Yearbook are advised by Ryan McCallum

Export and Share your Layouts

Here is how to export and share both your advanced and basic layouts today.


Step 1:

Click on File and select Export.


Step 2:

On the bottom of the next screen, select “Adobe PDF (Print)”.


Step 3:

Make sure you note where your spread is being saved and give it a file name that includes your names and the assignment.



Step 4:

On the next screen, make sure the Preset on time is [High Quality Print] and then select “Spreads” under the page numbers. This will change the Preset to [High Quality Print] (modified)


Step 5:

If there are warnings on a real yearbook spread, you would stop here and fix them. However, for the purpose of a practice layout, you can click “Okay” for any of the warning screens you see after this.


Step 6:

Log in to your BHM School Google Docs Account and then go to the 2014 Tatanka Writers Folder. Go into the folder for this assignment (either Basic Layouts or Advanced Layouts). Then click the Upload Icon.


Step 7:

Select Files.


Step 8:

Select your spread and double click or click “Open”.



Step 9:

Click “Upload and Share”.


Step 10:

Make sure the top two check boxes are unchecked and then upload your spread.


You’re all done!