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Hey, Friends!

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You have to be logged in to your BHM Schools Google Docs for it to work. The spreadsheet below is just the results. Click the link above to edit it.


Export Your Final Yearbook Spreads

If the Taylor Export Settings have already been loaded on your computer, skip to Step 5.

Step 1:

Click File and then select Adobe PDF Presets and then select Define.


Step 2:

Select “Load”.


Step 3:

Navigate to the Tatanka drive and select “Taylor Standard PDF Export”.


Step 4:

Click “Done”.


Step 5:

Click “File” and then select “Export”.


Step 6:

Navigate to the Tatanka drive and then open the _Submissions folder. ALL SPREADS MUST BE PLACED IN _Submissions OR THEY WILL NOT WORK.


Step 7:

Be sure your file is named correctly and select “Adobe PDF (Print)” as the file type.


Step 8:

In the next screen, select “Taylor Standard PDF Export” from the Adobe PDF Preset dropdown menu.


Step 9:

Select Export. Your page may take to 5 minutes to be completely exported depending on the size and quantity of the photos that you’re using. Once it is exported, you can exit your page. You will not be allowed to close your spread until the export has completed successfully.

Always check the PDF of your page in the _Submissions folder to make sure it looks good and is in the right place.