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J2 – 50 minute Design Challenge

Over the course of 50 minutes, create a layout that contains the following 8 elements. The layout can be on any topic of your choice and you can use any photos you want. While the headline and subheading should be actual words, the body copy can captions can just be placeholder text.

You can start with a default document (select file -> new -> document, and then just say “ok” to the defaults, or you could download an official Hoofprint Single Page template or Double Page template, or make a custom sized document.

Your layout should include:

  1. Follows a column structure and has a clear alignment (Layout -> Margins and columns)
  2. Establishes dominance and/or has an element of clear contrast.
  3. Includes a headline (actual text)
  4. Includes a subheadline (actual text)
  5. Has a placeholder text story or body copy that is between 250-450 words in length.
  6. Has three photos of varying dimensions (sizes and shapes) with captions (short text boxes next to the photos).
  7. Makes use of at least one colored rule line, box, or other page element (negative space, pathfinder, increase separation, eyedropper tool).
  8. At least one effect (right click -> effects), corner option (object -> corner option) or text wrap (Ctrl+Alt W) added to a picture, rule line, box, copy block.

After the 50 minutes are up, please do the following:

  1. Exported as a .jpg and added to thisĀ Google Docs folder.

To export, go to File -> Export. Select a jpeg as the file type and select “Maximum” for the size and 96 as the resolution.