J2: Term 2, Week 1


Tuesday and Wednesday

Thursday and Friday

Over two days, in addition to time to work, you’ll have a chance to make your Six-Word Memoir into a graphic or photograph. Your memoir could be an image or photograph, text only, or text on an image. It’s up to you.

Here are the rules for the assignment:
1. The memoir has to be your own writing.
2. Any work that is not yours (photos, illustrations, etc) must be used with permission and attributed to the original author, photographer, or artist. Use Flickr to search for Creative Commons images that are free to build upon.
3. The approximate size of your memoir should be 8 inches by 6 inches. It can be horizontal or vertical.
4. It needs to be saved as a .jpg or .png image and emailed to mccallum@bhs.cc by the end of class on Friday.

Here are templates you can use.
InDesign Template
PhotoShop Template

I made a couple of examples of what they could look like, but these represent only one option for the assignment.