Publications Writing – Week 2 – September 12-16


Due by today: Sign up for 8 advertising contacts on our Google Doc.

We began the hour by finishing reflecting on the DeWitt Jones video that we started in the Bison Room. You shared the most inspiring quotations about creativity.

After that, you received your story assignments for the year. Please write down everything you are writing, because you will be responsible for keeping up with your topics until they are finalized and sent to Dallas.

Next, you met with your editors for your first deadline stories and they explained to you their expectations or tried to help you get off on the right foot with your research.

McCallum had some things to talk to you about in regards to your first story assignment as well. You received your Story Starter sheet at this time.

Kat explained the first step in Ad Sales to you today.

We closed the day with Yearbook Terminology

Homework for tonight: Your Story Starter.

Homework for next Friday: Make contact with all 8 of your businesses.


We started the hour with instructions on Advertising sales that we didn’t do yesterday.

After that you met with your editors for first deadline to talk through your first assignment and get a firm understanding of expectations.

Next, we started going through Story Starter Sheets and you had some time to get those started.

Finally, we finished Yearbook Terms instruction.

If we had time, we did a great activity. Check in later for an update.


Okay. Terms have taken long enough. We are going to finish them today before doing anything else.  We’ll begin the hour with them and not finish until they’re done. We’ll have a quiz on terms on Friday and we’ll review tomorrow.

After terms instruction, Brittney D. had a few minutes to explain how you will sell ads as a group. She’s prepared packets for each of you that have all the necessary information and enough advertising contracts to sell to each of your businesses if you can do it.

After that, during a major detour, we found Robert Walters. No big deal.

Finally, you got work time.


You guys won’t believe the Robert Walters Update!

We started the block reviewing Yearbook Terms though a fascinating game of YRBKS Bingo!!!! Our quiz on terms is tomorrow, so I hope you feel ready by the end of the time today.

Next, we did a reporting-related activity that I hope you loved.

Finally, we had time.


Today started with a Yearbook Terms Quiz. It’s a thrilling quiz, isn’t it?

Next, if it was dry, we set up the Senior Class Photo.

If it was wet, you guys we started to look at a reading called “Focus on Reporting”. We did an activity as a class with it. Sine reporting is such a major part of this class, please learn all you can about it. If you miss today, please see me to get a copy of the packet, because it’s important information.

After that it was straight work time.

Have a great weekend and we’ll see you next week.