Second Block Story Guidelines – Publications Writing

Second Block Story
Due Friday

Your task is to tell the story of your second block class using descriptive writing that shows instead of just tells what the class is about.

  1. You must be incredibly observant, paying attention to what is going on in the class while still looking at it as a writer and an observer. Try to see it from the third-person perspective. The best stories will be by the writers who most successfully remove themselves from their surroundings.
  2. Try to push your angle beyond “This class is boring.” Look for what makes this class unique and gives it character unlike any other class in the school.
  3. Get only quotes that support your angle.
  4. Quotes can be from other places than just interviews. Listen closely to what is being said before, during, and after your class. Talk less and listen more to what is being said around you.
  5. Focus on using the most descriptive writing possible. Use more than just the sense of sight when you write. Try to create a story that readers can feel.
  6. Try to push the boundaries of the style of writing. Start within the constraints of a Feature Story and work to adapt the style to make it your own.

Bring a copy of your story to class on Friday and share it with McCallum on Google Docs as soon as it is finished.