Publications Writing – Week 4 – September 26-30


You began the block by checking in with your editor for your first deadline story, giving them an update on what you’ve done so far, your photo situation, and talking about what you’ll do to make your spread remarkable.

After that, we went over the Second Block Story guidelines as a class and you had time to ask questions.

Then, we went over notes on Lead-Transition-Quote format, which the format in which we write our stories for the yearbook.

At the end of that, you had time to connect with your editors and photographers to work on your upcoming assignments.


We started the block with looking at the Chapter Focus on Reporting and doing a Word Art Activity. If you were gone today, please read the chapter. Thank you.

After that, if there was time remaining, you had time to Uncover Yearbook Style Rules.


We started the day with a short quiz and reflection on Focus on Reporting. If you missed today, you need to respond to these questions:

1. Describe how all six elements of reporting work together when done correctly.

2. How would you define the job of a reporter?

3. What are three things that you need to keep in mind as you begin the reporting process?

After that, we texted in our thoughts on reporting as a group to see what our conclusions are.