Share your drafts

Click here to see who to share your drafts with.

  • Reminders for today and Homework for the weekend:
  • On Google Docs, Share your draft with McCallum and all the editors that apply to you. Find the list for sharing on the J1 page of .
  • Print two copies of your story (three for groups of four people) and give them to the people in your review group.
  • Be sure to get the rough drafts from your review partners before you leave class today.
  • Over the weekend, read each draft closely and mark the paper thoroughly, pointing out errors in style or grammar but more on giving advice on making the story better . Be ready to share your thoughts on your partners’ stories when you get back on Monday. It will be the first thing that you do.
  • Both annotating drafts and conferencing on Monday is a part of your Summative quarter grade.