Welcome to Journalism 2

Welcome to Journalism 2!

As you found your seats at the beginning of the block, you found out two of the groups you are in for the rest of the semester. The groups are indicated by the stickers on your note cards.

The circle group is your computer group. This was indicated by either a Pink or an Orange circle on the note card.

The next group is a little more significant, and it was decided by the colored star on the top of your note card. Make sure you write down your two groups, you’ll be using them all semester.

Publishing Groups:
Gold = Mondays
Silver = Tuesdays
Red = Wednesdays
Green = Thursdays
Blue = Fridays

We will begin publishing our first stries on Monday.


You’ll be using quite a few technology tools throughout the semester, so it’ s essential you keep them straight. If possible, try to use the same password for each of the tools we use in the class.


Once those things were taken care of we began a discussion that will guide us throughout the rest of this quarter. In publishing groups, we started discussing the concept of Truth and what it means to journalists.



Homework for tonight:

Read Tim O’Brien’s “How to tell a true war story.”

Login to your blogs at J2blogs.com and update your password. Write your first blog post as best as you can.