J2 – Day 2


We continued the class by resuming our discussion on the Meaning of Truth from yesterday. The discussion started by reviewing the important themes in the short story we read for today.

Opening Questions :

Answer any three on a sheet of paper, and be thorough with your answers
How do you think Tim O’Brien defines Truth?
What do you think O’Brien means when he says, “If the answer matters, you have your answer?”
What is the point of O’Brien sharing a graphic story like this?
How can the story of the Baby Buffalo be about love?
How can this story and O’Brien’s message about truth relate to Journalism?
How would you, personally, define truth after yesterday’s discussion and the reading by Tim O’Brien?


After that, we had time to log in to our blogs and Hoofprint.net for the first time. Please do the following things in both places:

1. Log in.
2. Change your password to your school password.
3. Edit your Profile in any way you like. Pay special attention to your new Hoofprint.net profile. It will appear on every story you create.


Next, on your blog, attempt making your first post.


To continue our examination of Truth in Journalism, we took a look at 13 Seconds in August from The StarTribune. We’ll all take a look at it and then talk about the ways this is better or worse than traditional reporting.


At the end of the hour, if we had time, we watched this video from Time.com about Fringe Presidential Candidates. It’s very different from traditional journalism, but is it still the truth? Is it appropriate and good, or does it take too many liberties with the truth?


We’ll spend some time in class looking what makes a good Hoofprint.net story.

We’ll also look at some examples of good and bad stories on Hoofprint.net and talk about good sources for stories and ideas. We’ll decide about how we’ll do the first stories (groups, photos, videos, etc) in class.

Know what you’re doing for Hoofprint.net next week. Decide on if you’re writing as story, doing a photo essay, making a podcast, or producing a video. Once you’ve decided, we’ll take a little time to get ready to publish on your specific day.

Once you know what you’re writing about, claim it here.