Bring It!

Get ready to turn your technology into powerful learning and creation experiences. Your class is mobile device friendly. That means you’re encouraged to bring the following technologies to class;

  • Smartphones,
  • Laptops and Netbooks,
  • iPods and iPads,
  • Android devices and tablets, and
  • Kindles, Nooks, and eReaders.

You’ll be able to access coursework, readings, calendars, and assignments from your device. We’ll also find ways to put them to use in the creation of multimedia projects, research, writing, and reporting. From blogging and photography to reading and responding, we’ll find ways for you to get the most out of your technology. You may also find it helpful to use your own devices to keep yourself organized and connected during the school year.

Whenever possible, readings in this class will be available in PDF format, which can be read by any device. Longer readings may also be available in ePub and Mobi format, depending on copyright considerations. Choice reading is a big part of this class, and students often say that they feel better having their books with them on their personal devices instead of print format. The Buffalo Public Library has an eBook lending library that can be used on any mobile device.

We will practice responsible and respectful use of technology in the class, focusing on using technology appropriately and always keeping the focus on learning and creating, not the tools themselves.

Students are not and will never be required to bring a personal digital device to class. While students may want to use their devices in group situations, students will not be asked to share a personal device with another student. All devices will be in possession of students and the classroom will always be locked when devices may be left in the classroom. A limited number of charging cables will be available in the classroom.

Learn more about BHM Schools’ Bring it campaign or feel free to let me know if you have any questions.