Publications Writing – Week 1


Welcome to Publications Writing!

Here are some of the notes and handouts from today.

Course Description and Outline

Tatanka K-W-L.

Writer Information Sheet

Due tomorrow:

1. Your Summer Yearbook assignment.

If you want to see examples of this assignment from students from previous years, take a look at the following links. Keep in mind that these are one of many right ways to do this assignment. Yours can and should be unique and fit your writing style.

Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3

Sample 4


As a class, we focused on the concept of theme today.

Publications Writing Notes: Day 1 – Theme

You took a look at a variety of books from around the state and country; public schools, private schools, middle schools, and high schools. The books had different standards of quality, but they all had one thing in common: Theme. You broke down the theme and presented it to the class.

You also took a look at a very short Theme Project Evaluation guide to help you judge the quality of the book.

Your knowledge went toward helping you think about the homework for tonight.

Please take time today or tonight to sign up for the stories you want to be involved with this year.

If we had time, we got in to small groups with editors and working on getting your questions from our KWL sheet answered.


If you haven’t signed up for stories yet, please do so tonight. I want to have all stories assigned by Friday of this week.

We then workshopped your Summer Yearbook Theme assignments aloud in small groups. We read aloud frequently in this class, and there will never be an opportunity to “pass” on reading. Each small group will pick one member to read aloud to the entire class.


Once everyone has read, you will be working on creating a front and back cover for your Summer Yearbook. You will be graded on creativity, clarity, and the ability to portray the theme in an appropriate, attractive way. Your cover should reflect the theme of your book clearly. You will need to finish your cover by the middle of the block tomorrow.

Take a look at these examples from last year.


Your homework for tonight is to finish your summer yearbook cover and bring it to class tomorrow.


Right away, you shared your summer yearbook covers and we learned everyones name a little better. Let’s see if we can greet everyone by name on Monday next week. I think I’m at that point. Let’s all get there soon.

After that, we finished the theme assignment that we started on Tuesday and continued our conversation on Theme.

Next, we talked about Business Ads, how important they are to the book, and your role in selling them.

Your homework for tomorrow is to bring in the names and phone numbers of 8 businesses who may be interested in adversing in our yearbook. You don’t need to do anything else.

Finally, we reviewed the first few terms in the big Yearbook Terms presentation. A scaled back version of the presentation is below.

We have so much left to do! We’ll continue learning tomorrow.


First, we quickly finished and shared your summer yearbook cover. When you’re done sharing, turn them in with your writing sample.

We then learned how to use Google Docs and talking about what to do with your advertising contacts.

We used this document. Add your business to the spreadsheet and sign up for eight businesses that you would like to be responsible for.

After that, we watched a video about creativity featuring DeWitt Jones from National Geographic.

Your homework for Monday (if you didn’t accomplish it during class today) is to update the Advertising Contact spreadsheet on Google Docs with your businesses and then sign up for eight business that you will be responsible for.