J1 – Week 2

Observation Activity


We started the hour by finishing and presenting your Focus on Reporting posters. The rest of the class took notes as you presented. We will have a short quiz on these concepts tomorrow.

Next, we went over your upcoming deadlines for your first story.

  • Background Research: Due Wednesday
  • Five interviews and observations: Due next Wednesday, September 19
  • Rough Draft: Due next Friday, September 21
  • Final Draft: Due Friday, September 28

We took some time to start your background research process.

Your background research is due on Wednesday.

Finally, after all of this as done, you did an activity either involving Legos or a visit to the courtyard. We’ll see how the weather looks.

If we still had time after that, we ended by starting to go through the Hoofprint Writer’s Guide.

Due Wednesday: Background Research:

Find out enough basic information about your topic to be able to write thoughtful, open-ended questions and know who to contact for interviews.


REMINDER: Your background information and research for your first deadline story is tomorrow. Don’t forget!

We started the day with a short quiz and reflection on Focus on Reporting. If you missed today, you need to respond to these questions:

1. Describe how all six elements of reporting work together when done correctly.

2. How would you define the job of a reporter?

3. What are three things that you need to keep in mind as you begin the reporting process?

After that, we talked a little bit more about your expectations for research and what you should bring to class tomorrow. You will not have homework beyond your research tonight. Please make sure you give it an honest effort.

You had some class time at this point to do some research.

After the class time, we continued Journalism Writing Style instruction. We almost completed it today.


Your background research is due today.

We took time and wrote 10 or more interview questions at the start of class.

The next big due date is to get five quality interviews done by Wednesday, September 19.

We finished our Journalism Writer’s Guide today.

Finally, we read a chapter called “Find an Angle” that should help you think about your story and finding the most interesting thing to write about.


At the start of class today, you worked with a partner to illustrate a Journalism Style rule from the packet we concluded yesterday. You presented to the class at about the halfway point of class.

After that, we did a brief review of the style manual and filled in any gaps that you may have had in your notes.

Finally, we did a great activity that illustrated the job of a reporter.

Tomorrow: Style and Rules Quiz #1!


Here’s the quiz. Shhh…. don’t tell anyone. Journalism Style and Rules Quiz 1 – 2010

We started the block with the quiz.

After that, we took some time to check out the forum as a class.

Then we watched a video or two and talked for a bit about awareness and observations.

After that, we had work time. You guys should all have a great weekend!