The Republic – Audiobook

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Book I

Book One – Part One

Book One – Part Two

Book One – Part Three

Book One – Part Four

Book I Summary from LitForBrains

Book II

Book Two – Part One

Book Two – Part Two

Book Two – Part Three

Book Two – Part Four

Book II Summary from LitForBrains

Is Justice Good? The Republic Book II

An Examination of Ethics in Book II of The Republic

Book III

Book Three – Part One

Book Three – Part Two

Book Three – Part Three

Book Three – Part Four

Book III Quick Summary by LitForBrains

Book IV

Book Four – Part One

Book Four – Part Two

Book Four – Part Three

Book Four – Part Four

The City and the Soul – Making a connection with Book IV:

A quick summary of Book I-IV

Book V

Book Five – Part One

Book Five – Part Two

Book Five – Part Three

Book Five – Part Four

Book VI

Book Six – Part One

Book Six – Part Two

Book Six – Part Three

Book Six – Part Four

Book VII

Book Seven – Part One

Book Seven – Part Two

Book Seven – Part Three

Book Seven – Part Four


Book Eight – Part One

Book Eight – Part Two

Book Eight – Part Three

Book Eight – Part Four

Book IX

Book Nine – Part One

Book Nine – Part Two

Book Nine – Part Three

Book X

Book Ten – Part One

Book Ten – Part Two

Book Ten – Part Three

Book Ten – Part Four