January 5 and 6

Thank you for being awesome while I’m gone.

Here’s the big project I’d like you to work on over the next two days.

Here’s a blank yearbook spread to work with. Make sure you save it all the time to your G drive.

Your assignment is to create an original yearbook spread that is based on your first or second deadline assignment. For example, if you were working on the Fall Play spread second deadline, then you can choose to make a new and original fall play spread.

You should not make your spread look like it belongs in this year’s yearbook. You can create your own look and feel for your spread, including fonts, colors, folio, and other things.

Make sure your spread follows the rules of basic design first. Use column structure and eye lines. One of the most important things you can do is to make sure each photo has a caption next to it (not on top of it). Once you know it’s a solid spread, then you can swap out photos and creating modules or secondary coverage packages.

A great spread will:

  • Tell a story about people through photos, captions, and body copy.
  • Have a clear column structure with alignment.
  • Establish dominance with a photo of photo package.
  • Use consistent internal margins.
  • Have a complete caption for every photo.
  • Have include at least 14 people on the spread in photos and direct quotations.
  • Take risks and try new things.

Look online for resources or take a look through other yearbooks and magazines for new and unique ideas.

This assignment is graded.

You will be exporting and sharing these on Wednesday at the end of class.

Feel free to email or text McCallum with questions.

Good luck!